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Sentenced to a lifetime license suspension for a first time 4th.Degree felony OVI. Isn't this contrary to law?
Was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to 5 yrs. in prison with a lifetime suspension. Isn't the suspension for life an illegal sentence?
No, it is not. If you were convicted of a 4th degree felony OVI and the repeat OVI offender specification, you could...
A friend of mine is being charged with a dui but in reality it is an open container.
They charged the other person he was with open container because they were both in the drivers seat, but he has a couple prior dui's so I am guess this is why, He hired an attorney who is charging him $10,000. to represent him but just told him the other day he will not be defending him since he still owes $5000.00 is this legal to do? The guy has paid him half but now will not represent him. He is doing the best he can with payments but it is hard coming up with that kind of money. Can anyone please lend me some advice.
It depends on the circumstances. If the attorney has filed a notice of appearance on the case, he must file a motion...
Obtaining US Citizenship after three DUIs.
First of, thank you for answering my question. Here is my situation. I came to US in 1993. Being dumb, I managed to have 3 DUIs from 2000 to 2008. I was convicted on all 3. Since they were apart some time from each other, they are not counted as felony. I know the mistakes I made and paid for them dearly. I have been sober and have clean record since 2008. Not even a parking ticket. I have professional job and been in my career for past 15 years. My green card expires in 2013 which will put me right at 5 years of "good moral character". My question is: 1. Is there even a remote chance for me to obtaining US Citizenship if I wait, let's say 4 years from the date of last DUI. 2. Is it possible for me to have my Permanent Resident status revoked if I decide to renew my green card instead?
As you already noticed, your three convictions will impact your "good moral character" finding. You should probably not...
Iim on felony probation for aggravated assault i been on probation 3 years with no violation and im supposed to get off in april
but i got an ovi lastnight and it would be my 2nd my 1st was 3years ago, but i passed all my fiedld sobriety tests but refused to blow lastnight
I would suggest you a knowledgable DUI and criminal defense attorney. They can contact your PO, after reviewing the...
Can I remove an underage alcohol suspension from my driving record?
I am in nursing school and will be applying for job soon and want to get anything on my record removed that could possible prevent me from being considered for a job
I hesitate to answer because I am not really sure what you mean when you say an underage alcohol suspension. If you...
House bill 86
When house bill 86 changed the 3rd degree felony ovi from 5 years to 3 years, how can the specification stil carry 5 years when it is only an enhancement to the charge. doesn't that also change the specifcation to 3 years since they are both listed under 3rd degree felony. How do we fight this if we were given 4 years on the spec. and 2 years on the dui, both under house bill 86?
The Spec still carries up to five years. To be sure whether or not you were sentenced within the law, you would need to...
I have an interlock device installed on my car,and reveived a failed start test when i had NOT consumed any alcohol. why is this
Please note, I had not consumed any alcohol, was not wearing any perfume, body spray, no body/hair products that contained alcohol in them. I have asked the company(lake erie interlock) that installed the device on my car reasons it would fail me other than alcohol to receive an answer of "we cant give you one because we dont know, its your problem not ours because a fail is a fail regardless if you had consumed alcohol or not because our product is never wrong." I received no answer when I asked them questions, only rudeness and did research of my own with not very much help.
There are several possibilities that test would show a "fail," only one of which is having actually consumed alcohol....