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Ive just been arrested for a dui. i asked to see results on the alcohol breathalyers right after blowing in to it and they didn
let me see the results they took away machine and told me the results on paper. and i also told them that im a diabetic.
I am not sure your post asks a question. I assume you're asking whether the law enforcement officer is required to...
Supreme court made it that officers must put in writing that arrest happened on public highway
my DUI case was then dismissed can they bring that back up 2 yrs later
Depending on the statute of limitations in your state, your case will not be brought back up. Not charging someone for...
I missed a felony dui court date back in December 2008.
Sometime back in 2008, I appeared in court for a felony dui and the Judge dismissed the case with-out prejudice. I was parked, inside of a bar drinking alcohol and the bar tender held on to my car keys but 2 officers showed up and gave me a field sobriety test. the officers purported that I was drinking and driving earlier...which was a complete lie. They did not know that I overheard the bar tender call them. I was planning to drive off but he wouldn't hand over the keys so I pissed him off and he called the cops. I was not aware that the court brought this matter back due to I was off island and that the police served one of my family members who forgot to inform me about it. It has been a little over 5 years now. What can I do? I can't afford or prove my innocents.
Consult with a criminal defense attorney to resolve the warrant and begin the defense of your case. If there isn't a...
What is the statue of limitations for felony dui?
The Judge dismiss the felony dui case with-out prejudice back in October, 2008 and I heard thru a friend that the Prosecuter brought it back in December of 2008. I did not appear in court for the initial due to off island at the time and i'm just wandering if there's a statue of limitations for this?
The statute of limitations for a felony dui is generally three years but it probably does not apply in your situation....
My boarder refuses to move out even after an eviction notice, keeps bringing home drunk people
I recently bought a home and am renting a room in the house where I also live. My boarder has been bringing home very drunk men, being loud at all hours, damaging property, serving minors alcohol and making false police reports on me (luckily, the police never believe her as she is always drunk). I wrote her an eviction notice of 10 days citing: Hawaii Tenancy Law Term of Rental Agreements - Section 22. “. In the absence of a written agreement, the tenancy shall be month to month or, in the case of boarders, week to week.” She however is refusing to move out, saying she wants to stay as long as she can to make me miserable. I feel unsafe and would like any advise on what I can do.
You should make sure that you can show you delivered the 10 day notice required under Hawaii Revised Statutes section...
What happens if the probable cause citation is dismissed by a judge which led to an arrest for a higher charge?
I was arrested for a DUI when officers pulled me over for failing to make a left hand turn. I mitigated the failing to signal ticket and a judge dismissed it. Would this affect the DUI arrest in court, meaning could I fight the charges since the judge dismissed the reason for their probable cause to pull me over?
While it could bode well for you, the dismissal of a civil traffic infraction usually doesn't really mean anything...
Can I speak with a Lawyer ?
taken into custody @ dui checkpoint, printed, no miranda rights, gave blood, then released, no citation issued, but ADLRO Suspended license ,no conviction from Prosacuting Attorney,Have A review with A.D.L.R.O. on 1-16-13 for a constricted License and would like some direction. 2nd offence pending ,but seems arrest was made wrong, also the question about blood sample taken, no signature of mine was put on blood vials . Officer said he was letting me go !!
Your question is somewhat confusing. There is no indication from your post where your case is pending that you are...