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Can I get a kentucky license on a DUI suspended california license in kentucky?
Ok, so I got a DUI last month, in kentucky on a california license. I called California's DMV and they said my record for kentucky hasn't hit their record "yet." I just moved here to kentucky, and kentucky said they suspended it for 30 days when california said it will be suspended for 2 years. I'm attending DUI classes on Kentucky's terms for 2 weeks (18 hours as required.) And have paid all my fines. Will I be able to go to Kentucky's DMV and try to get my license reinstated and it be valid? Or do I play Russian roulette when I get in my vehicle wondering if my license is valid or not? Who has jurisdiction here? I'm so lost. It seems like a double jepordy to me. Being punished for the same crime twice.
You definitely do not want to be driving if you do not know whether or not you are legally able to do so. That could...
Can I seek professional help, to help me with my dwi charge
I just met my father, he has been in prison my entire life. He said doctors said he is a sociopath, and I probably am also. Just learning this makes me want help, and also gives me some insight on my personality behavior's. When I'm under a lot of stress I tend to lean towards drugs, alcohol to help me cope. What options do I have.
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your question, I apologize, but if your question is in regards to what form or type of...
Honestly not guilty, had just left from comprehensive eye exam had eyes dilated, was pulled over for speeding and I knew my insurance had expired so I was in a panic attack, I had all my med on me because I had been to a new eye doc and they wanted a list of all my meds which I forgot to write down so I just innocently threw them all in my purse but when pulled over only stated for speeding until they saw meds then all of a sudden I was to do FSTetc no signs of HGN per opthamologist, was having major panic attack when pulled over have witness in car etc police have falsified citation, they have now written two and the first one has disappeared, which never stated anything about HGN, Or that I explained I was having a panic attack
You definitely should speak with a DUI specialist. Good luck.
I live in Kentucky and got a DUI last year in July. I recently just got a public intoxication (not alcohol) charge....jail time?
Will I have to serve jail time since I got another charge within a year of my DUI first offense?
If you're still on probation, and the terms of your probation require that you abstain from the use of drugs and/or...
Can you get a cdl license if you have had multiple dui's? 7 yrs since last one.
I've had 4 dui's
You probably won't be able to get a cdl license with multiple DUIs. More than 2 DUIs in CA results in a lifetime ban...
My 17 year old was in accident and charged with dui. He has paid all fines and is now 18. He didn't finish his driving classes.
What does he do to get them back it will be a year in sept since his wreck. Every thing has been paid and is through with court. He turned 18 in March of this year
If he was given a deferred sentence and ordered to complete certain classes, then failed to do so, it is possible the...
Is there a law for when there is an emergency and a person with a dui suspended license needs to drive to safety
I have a suspended drivers license due to a dui and i was with someone who has a license but has diabeties and was very sick at the moment that she couldnt drive so i thought since we only had a couple of blocks to get her to safety i got behind the wheel to attemp her there to safety until we got stopped due to the officier said the passenger didnt have on a seatbelt when i knew she did because i put it on her
There is no law per se. These are facts you can introduce at trial or use in pretrial negotiations. Under KY law you...