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Licensed suspended in July 2013 per DWI conviction. License can be reinstated in July 2014. Looking to move to SC for a job in Winter/Spring 2015. Will I have to get SR 22 to have a license in SC, even though it wasn't required in NC?
The general rule is for a restricted license, you'll need an SR22, but the rules could be different in SC
My sister was killed by a drunk driver seven years ago. The driver was arrested by Highway Patrol in Spartanburg. The case has yet to go to court. What could the hold up be?
Impossible to say - there are really no specific time limits on how long that case may take to be resolved. Serious...
If you can't find your answer on Avvo, consider speaking to a local DUI lawyer to answer your question.
dui charge
Pre -Trial conference just gives your attorney to feel the prosecution out regarding a possible disposition of your...
dui and burglary
Contact the Clerk of court of Court for the county where those arrests occurred and ask them to mail you a copy or...
I have a Florida 5 year revocation for driver license. When I obtain a Florida hardship license, are there other states that would allow me to transfer my hardship license to that state? My husband has terminal cancer and I do not want to remain in Florida after his death. I want to relocate to a state where my relatives live, or at least a nearby state.
Without knowing more details, it is hard to say
I was pulled over and blew a 0.07 bac. I thought the limit was 0.08. I'm in Pickens s.c. Can I fight this?
Yes! You need to fight it. In SC, a reading of .08 or above creates an inference that you were impaired. A reading of ....