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Can I get charged with rape of we were both too drunk to remember anything that happened?
So me and this girl I'm friends with went to my house to play video games, plan was nothing more nothing less. It was just to do that and neither of us even thought about having sexual relations together. But we had a drink or two, and those turned in to a lot more alcohol, and neither of us remember too much more beyond that. We were both too drunk to remember. But we ending up having sex, I know this because of the condom and such lying around that wasn't there earlier. But can she charge me with rape? She's upset that we had sex because she was a virgin, and has started talking about charging me with rape. If we were both unable to even remember what happened is she able to do that? Also might want to add that we are both over 21 so we can consume alcohol legally.
Yes, you can be charged with rape. The facts you list may or may not be a defense to the charge, but you can be...
Is there a possibility of charges being dropped? What are my options at this point?
I have a DUI under my name. This is my 1st offense and my breath alcohol test was .01. I crashed a light pole there are public damanges. I just want to know how do I get in touch with my arresting officer and what should I do now. I'm 19 years old and I wanna to be a nurse practitioner will this DUI harm me in anyway? Is there a possibility of charges being dropped.
There is always the chance of the DA dropping the charges. You might still be eligible to be consider a youthful...
What can be done in this situation?
I was coming from home after coming from a bar. I went to make a left turn and got hit in the rear driver side wheel. I took a FST on uneven pavement and was arrested for DUI. When given the breathalyzer I blew a .16. This is my first offense.
You should call a lawyer who handles DUI cases on a regular basis this morning. The financial impact of a DUI...
I am now living in SC. My NC driver's license is currently suspended. Do SC or NC laws take precedence regarding reissue?
I am now living in Greenville SC. My NC driver's license is currently suspended, however, NC DUI laws are draconian. Had the DUI been in SC I would have had my license back a year ago (1 year suspension vs 4 year suspension) Do I have to get NC license reinstated before I can get SC license? I would hope since I have fulfilled SC law and I am seeking a SC license that I do not have to deal with NC anymore? I am in desperate need of my license to help my family.
The best way to approach this is to contact your BMV in NC. Find out what steps must be taken to reinstate your...
Should I take the plea bargain or go to trial?
I got pulled over for dui about 2 years ago. I got an attorney. My tapes were good showing that I passed all the tests to consider if you are drunk and my speech was not slurred at all. My only problem is that when I get locked up, I'm talking a whole bunch of junk which kind of makes it look like I was drunk (I have bad anxiety). The prosecutor gave me a bargain to reckless driving or I can just go to trial. My lawyer has good arguments but the only bad thing is my freakin mouth when he puts me in the cop car.
God gave you a lawyer for a reason. What does you lawyer recommend? What is your driver's record like? What is the...
How much tme will i do if i decide my sentences isn't working
Was sentenced 10yrs suspended 2yrs suspended 2yrs home detention and 2yrs probation drug charge
Seems like 12 years unless some of the time runs concurrently. Speak to your attorney, he'll need to review your record.
DUI in Florida, License suspended for 5 years. Now living in South Carolina.
My brother got his license suspended for 5 years in Florida. It is been almost 2 years and he decided to go to the DMV. At the DMV they look at his record twice and my brother said that the incident is on this record. The person at the DMV said that he can get an regular license (no restrictions), if he pays $100, do the road test again and have the SR22 insurance. He told the DMV that he got a DUI in Florida. Will he get in trouble if he gets a license? Will the DMV's be at fault? how can he find out if he still has a suspension? He doesn't have his Florida driver license number. Thanks
Call the FL DMV and inquire into the status of the suspension. If FL still has him suspend, he could run into trouble...