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Can i enter Canada with DUI (No Charges filed)
Almost 2 years ago i was pulled over for DUI and was arrested. I went to the station and took the breath test, where i blew under the legal limit. I was released the next day in terms that i would get a court date later on. i still have not heard back from the court. what i know: My Drivers license has not been suspended or have any limitations. I was able to leave and enter the country, so no warrant our for my arrest. I have ran a background check on myself and it states that there has been no charges filed against me. (just arrest record) Am i able to enter Canada without being denied? or should i wait another 3 months when my statute of limitations expire and then try to enter Canada?
An unfiled DUI charge should not cause you to be inadmissible.
Father was intoxicated. Our daughter asked me to get her. Cops were called... Shared PP. Legally do I have to return her today?
Last night I had to call the cops to my ex house after my daughter begged me to pick her up. Her father had been drinking all day, she informed me she did not feel safe. The officer asked her father abd I was able to take her home. This has been going on for a long time, the drinking all day, etc and she has expressed her feelings of not feeling safe to myself and school counselers. My question for today is, legally if today is his day ( shared custody) do I have to return her to him? He has called, but I have not spoken to him. She doesnt want to be there and he may be intoxicated again. I know courts need to be involved, but this is the weekend?
Technically if it is his day then you are required to let him have his day with her. However, if you had proof that he...
1st DUI in CA but have a WA drivers license. How do state laws and MVD laws worm?
I was charged with a DUI in CA that was a nightmare and very complicated . Long story short we worked out a deal with the DA for me to wear a SCRAM for 12 months, complete 160 hours of community service, attend either 2 AA classes or one MADD class, and complete a 3 month alcohol program. I have already started to comply as requested. Long story short. If CA alerts WA of the DUI. Does WA then following CA laws or do they require me to follow laws of their own state in regards to driving. I am trying to understand if WA will enforce me to get an IID installed and also complete any courses to maintain or reinstate my driving privileges. I do not have a CA license, I have a WA license.
WA, through its licensing authority, can, and likely will, make you comply with its own laws regarding interlock and...
Can I get a DUI/DWI if my wife has video evidence of me drinking and driving?
While driving she has secretly videoed me drinking l, having open containers, and doing I with our son in the back seat. She's also pregnant. Can their be child endangerment charges?
This is a very interesting question, I haven't heard of this before but it is possible. Get an attorney now
2 first offense DUIs in a year one in Washington state and the other in California.
I received my 1 Dui in Washington state in June 2012 and then I moved to California and received another 1st offense DUI in January 2013 they never found my first one but I know I violated probation for the 1st one. What am I seeking is where do I go from here my California DUI probation is up this year and I want to expunge it I have stayed out of trouble ever since and I have completed all requirements for both cases except the probation which was just probation to stay out of trouble. I never had to see a probation officer for either cases. I am scared I will have to go to jail for violating probation for my Washington DUI where do I go from here ??? I also have completed all driver license requirements too and there were no accidents in either cases and nobody was hurt.
Under Penal Code section 1203.3, you may seek early termination of probation on your CA DUI now and then ask for...
Interlock BAC fail due to nyquil
Could a 115 lb female who had approx 6oz of Nyquil in a 5 and a half you period, with the last 2 oz taken 5 minutes before blowing into the interlock, blow a .07 first reading and a .054 second reading 5 minutes later?
Sure, alcohol is alcohol. No reason why the interlock would not register the alcohol. NyQuil is 25% alcohol.
If had DUO and got deferred prosecution and got 5 positive UA but no alcohol. What's gonna happen in court kent wa
Judge ordered me to attend program and get tested for drugs. But I fail 5 test my court is July 6 what's gonna happen
It depends on the judge, probation's recommendation, and what information your treatment provider forwarded onto the...