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Chance of winning Trail(First time DUI)
I got pulled over by a cop last year ( Oct 2014 ) in WA for weaving on the road and not using turn signals while changing lanes(Police officer made this up.There are no video recordings).Did FST and declined PBT. Was arrested for being impaired and blew a 0.11 & 0.10 at the station.The prosecutor was initially willing to plea bargain ( According to my attorney ) but later refused to do it.I think that my attorney was lying to me about the plea bargain until i paid my installments(abt 3500$). Just back from a motion hearing and couldn't supress suppress supremes supremeness pressures pressure any evidence.I am feeling so helpless with the current attorney.But I have already paid all the money.Should i go to trial with the same attorney?What are the chances of winning ? should i consider DP?
There is not nearly enough information here to predict what is going to happen at a trial or if you should consider a...
Hello, Will a DUI from June 2006 show up on FBI fingerprint check done this month?
I have an RN license in my current state and am applying for license by endorsement. I have never said yes to conviction question, and have not had a problem. Should I be concerned now? I automatically said no, not even thinking, and it is taking much longer then usual, I am starting to wonder if I should have said yes....I did not even think about it until now quite honestly.
A DUI is a criminal conviction regardless of how long ago it was; so if asked by any potential employer if you have...
I went to court for a DUI, received a continuance and failed to appear in 2005, does statute of limitations apply here?
This happened 3/05/2015 3 months after found guilty from a different county
No, the statute of limitations does not apply. The statute of limitations controls how long after a crime is...
MIP and Possesion of substance without Container Plus driving with licence suspended 2nd degree warrant how long will i do?
I have a minorIP charge and a carry controlled substance withoutContainer from 2014 also a driving with suspended ls in the 2nd degree from 2015 I have warrants for both them pyuallup is the MIP and kent is the Suspended i have ethier pay $5000 for kent. And turn myself in pyuallup all options available for that charge im scared because i was on bail for them thru Aladdin bail bonds and i had a court datr the same day the same time for both i live n Kirkland both at 8:30am i missed both the judge asked if i wanted her to impose a sentence for puyallup or be given another chance to get a ADA test i failed her i didnt do it i was to busy with work and the kent one my lawyer wanted me to take pictures of the site i was pulled over i failed terrified iDoNot wanna be locked up forever.
First, get back to court ASAP and don't make a bad situation worse by remaining on the the run. Second, make sure you...
Minor accused of rape while both parties were intoxicated
I have a friend (17 years old) who had sex with a woman around his age while they were both drunk at a party. Unfortunately, the young woman was more intoxicated than my friend realized. She blacked out and doesn't remember consenting to the act. Meanwhile, my friend is adamant he did not rape her or take advantage of her. She has taken the matter to the university they both attend and my friend has had to meet with school officials and give them his recollection of the night in question. It has not yet been taken to the police, but the university intends to hold a hearing and he faces up to a year suspension from school. How should he proceed? Also, the only other relative he has is his older brother. There is some concern that if this escalates, his brother could be seen as his guardian and be held responsible as well. Is that a possibility?
He should get an attorney. If he's contacted by the police he should demand an attorney and exercise his right to...
Can you get a dui for anti depressants?
I take 10 mg nortriptyline nightly for chronic pain
It may be unlawful under certain circumstances. It's not unlawful to consume prescription drugs and then drive. It is...
I got convicted for DUI , gave lawyer 3000 & did not win the case, now want to terminate my probation and he is asking more $$$?
Just to file a motion with the court to terminate my probation, my attorney is asking for more money. I have already paid him 3000 for the case he did not win and again more just to file a motion seems ridiculous? any advice would be great!
Your answer will depend entirely upon what your contract with your attorney stated. Most criminal engagement agreements...