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Had a DUI case that was dismissed due to no evidence. Can I get reimbursed by the state of Washington for these expenses?
Breathalyzer was .00 and negative blood test. Had to hire and attorney for defense against the State of Washing ton in Thurston County. Incurred expenses for legal defense, car impoundment, ignition interlock (breathalyzer) and ankle alcohol monitoring devise.
As long as there was "probable cause" to initiate the arrest you do not have a remedy by any form of lawsuit or claim...
How to Expunge A DUI?
Got a DUI 5 years ago. Wanting to travel to Canada for a weekend trip and I know they are strict about letting people with DUI in.
The process you're talking about is called vacating a conviction. In Washington you cannot vacate a DUI, but some...
Moved back to Canada with DUI pending
Had a DUI charge while holding a Washington state license. Was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and alcohol dependency, first offence. As a Canadian citizen, moved back to Canada to undergo treatment and have been clean for 6 months and in patient at hospital for intensive treatment. Have to face DUI in court in Seattle next month. What is the minimum penalty since I need to return to Canada for work, school and on going treatment?
The minimum jail time is one day in jail if it is your first offense and if there are not aggravating circumstances....
Can I enter Canada (driving across border) with a Negligent 1 on my driving record if I was checked by a border agent?
I had a DUI over 2 years ago that was reduced to a Neg 1. I have nothing else on my driving record, not even speeding. I have read so much conflicting information on this that I don't know what to believe. It seems like it would be ok but it also seems like it's at the discretion of the border agent? It's very confusing to say the least. I want to be prepared for the worst because I am planning on going to Whistler Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you.
Your confusion is not unwarranted. In Canada DUI is "an indictable crime.". This is the equivalent of a felony under...
WA state DUI fines
WA state DUI fines
Asker, You didn't ask a question. Do you have a question?
I've plead guilty to DUI. My drug & alcohol eval is scheduled. I will probably test positive for THC. What are the consequences?
I fulfilled required day in jail and all other requirements. I've met my parol officer. I will be seeing her after the evaluation.
You need to call YOUR ATTORNEY right now and get legal advice before you go provide a UA to anyone. Your question is...
WA license reinstatement after DUI conviction
My license was suspended after a dui conviction (higher breath test) in November of 2014. The WA DOL website says I am eligible to reinstate it on October 27th - a few weeks away. They listed some potential requirements, one being possibly taking the driving and/or knowledge tests. Is this going to actually be required? My license has not technically been suspended for a full year - it was suspended for 90, reinstated, and then suspended a few months later once the case was closed.
Yes, you will be required to go through the reinstatement process set forth by DOL. Contact them and do as directed....