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    Tuesday Jun 23 | via Washington Times 

    For the 14th year in a row, Missouri's annual Traffic Enforcement Report, released earlier this month, shows there is racial disparity in traffic stops by police across the state. The growing disparity - a "disturbing trend," according to Attorney General Chris Koster, at the highest level since 2000 - is causing statewide concern.


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  • Next trial in mistaken-identity kidnapping starts th...

    Tuesday Jun 9 | via The Jersey Journal 

    NEWTON - The fifth man charged in connection with the bungled kidnapping of a Sussex County man will stand trial this fall, authorities said. A tentative start date has been scheduled for Oct. 6 for Lonnie Swarnes, 49, who faces charges of robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder, said Sussex County First Assistant Prosecutor Greg Mueller, who is representing the state.


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Missouri: what's the consequence for applying for a duplicate license if suspended?
If suspension hasn't been processed and Drivers License Bureau issues a duplicate; what's the possible consequences. (the license wouldn't be used for driving)
While you might be charged under the forgery statute if you make some false declaration in writing, what I have seen is...
Can I be charged with an MIP without a ticket or citation?
I was at a small party, with maybe 15 people. I drank a beer, and just took a few sips out of a second when the cops show up. Some people ran and tried to hide, but I sat down in their clear view and stayed calm. I was respectful and honest the entire time. All he took down was my name and birthday, and he asked if I was 21, my response was no. The follow up question, was if I had been drinking, and I said yes. After a while, everyone felt natures call, and the officer was patting people down before they could use the restroom, but when I went he said "Hey bud, you haven't given me a reason not to trust you. Some of those other guys have been trying to flush stuff down the toilet. As long as you don't have anything on you, you're good." A few hours go by, and he starts to breathalyze everyone. When I go up I tell him that I had full intentions of spending the night at the house, and showed that my car keys weren't on me. The officer had me go sit back down, and he tested everyone else. I did take the breathalyzer at the very end, but he never told me what I blew. He asked if I was spending the night, or calling a ride. But right after he said that, he pointed to my friend, and said "he's 0.00 if you want he can drive your car for you.". When everything was said and done, one person was arrested, but no tickets or citations were issued. The highest ranking officer said some of us should expect letters from the prosecuter. Will I recieve a letter, and/or an MIP?
Here in the State of WA these are common occurances, when there is a party and several names are taken and then they...
I have had 3 felonies on my record sence 2001 for sales and the 2nd for 3the DWIs in a 10 yr period in 2005 and the 3rdfolks for
I have had 3 felonies on my record sence 2001 for sales and the 2nd for 3the DWIs in a 10 yr period in 2005 and the 3rdfolks for theft in 2007. Ive had no problems or violations since then. Iam due to be released off my probation in march 13 of 2013 all were noviolant crime. My question is what all do i need to do or steps do i need to take to get my 2ndprobation amendent /is hunting rights reinstated. In the state of Missouri ... thanks for your time and info...
Sit down with a Missouri criminal defense attorney to figure that one out! Good luck.
Coming up on the end of my 5 Year license suspension for DWI. In Missouri I have seen that you need to file a petition?
Do I need to file a petition against the State in order to be able to get my license back or is it "time served"?
You have to file a action in court. It is not automatic. You need an attorney as well.
What happens when A first alcohol offense charged with fail to drive within a single lane, 2nd dwi and she just received a third
What will happen if she goes to prison with custody of her child
You are asking about two separate matters here. I trust you understand this person needs an attorney to represent her...
I got a DUI 8 years ago, do i still put it on job applications?
I got a DUI in Arkansas in 2007 and convicted in 2008. I need to know if I should put that down on a job application.
Unless there is a reason that it would be a closed record it will still appear on any criminal history ran as well as...
Should I get a lawyer for my charge of driving with a revoked license?
I was arrested for driving with a revoked license. This is my first offense for driving with a revoked license. However, my license was revoked for a DWI and possession of a small amount of marijuana (under a gram), both of which I was convicted of in August of last year in Callaway County. I've done a little research, and I've found that jail time seems to be a likely outcome. So I am curious as to whether I should seek legal representation, since serving any amount of time would lead to me losing my job and make an already difficult family financial situation much worse.
I am not licensed in Missouri, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in Missouri who respond to your...