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Missouri: what's the consequence for applying for a duplicate license if suspended?
If suspension hasn't been processed and Drivers License Bureau issues a duplicate; what's the possible consequences. (the license wouldn't be used for driving)
While you might be charged under the forgery statute if you make some false declaration in writing, what I have seen is...
Can I be charged with an MIP without a ticket or citation?
I was at a small party, with maybe 15 people. I drank a beer, and just took a few sips out of a second when the cops show up. Some people ran and tried to hide, but I sat down in their clear view and stayed calm. I was respectful and honest the entire time. All he took down was my name and birthday, and he asked if I was 21, my response was no. The follow up question, was if I had been drinking, and I said yes. After a while, everyone felt natures call, and the officer was patting people down before they could use the restroom, but when I went he said "Hey bud, you haven't given me a reason not to trust you. Some of those other guys have been trying to flush stuff down the toilet. As long as you don't have anything on you, you're good." A few hours go by, and he starts to breathalyze everyone. When I go up I tell him that I had full intentions of spending the night at the house, and showed that my car keys weren't on me. The officer had me go sit back down, and he tested everyone else. I did take the breathalyzer at the very end, but he never told me what I blew. He asked if I was spending the night, or calling a ride. But right after he said that, he pointed to my friend, and said "he's 0.00 if you want he can drive your car for you.". When everything was said and done, one person was arrested, but no tickets or citations were issued. The highest ranking officer said some of us should expect letters from the prosecuter. Will I recieve a letter, and/or an MIP?
Here in the State of WA these are common occurances, when there is a party and several names are taken and then they...
I have had 3 felonies on my record sence 2001 for sales and the 2nd for 3the DWIs in a 10 yr period in 2005 and the 3rdfolks for
I have had 3 felonies on my record sence 2001 for sales and the 2nd for 3the DWIs in a 10 yr period in 2005 and the 3rdfolks for theft in 2007. Ive had no problems or violations since then. Iam due to be released off my probation in march 13 of 2013 all were noviolant crime. My question is what all do i need to do or steps do i need to take to get my 2ndprobation amendent /is hunting rights reinstated. In the state of Missouri ... thanks for your time and info...
Sit down with a Missouri criminal defense attorney to figure that one out! Good luck.
Dwi/conflicts of interest/property damage
so to start off I went through a bad break up with the mother of my child, after 7 years of living with on another, and also we were stil involved up until septemeber 9th. i basically lied to police that i wrecked my car said i wasnt the driver they think they have dna evidence on the airbag. i already went through my admin. hearing getting licence suspended for 30 days have to take satop and get sr-22 insurance. my question is My ex fiance has been "involved" with the cop that breathalyzed me the night of and bringing this cop around my son when she gets to see him 2 days a week. is it a conflict of interest especially because this cop has driven by my home in his personal behicle and i have a witness to one night that he did, what can i do with this info>? my ex is also an emt in town.
First, don't make any admissions on a public forum, second... You need to hire an attorney in your area, police...
Live in St Louis MO, received DUI in Bloomington IL. Will I need a lawyer from Illinois?
First offense, mid fifties. Are my driving privileges immediately revoked, or does that happen at court date?
You will need to hire an attorney who is licensed in Illinois, though not necessarily ine located in IL. You may want...
Something fishy about this Field Sobriety procedure. ??
An officer had me do several field sobriety tests (fst). Nystagmus test, walk and pivot and one legged stand. All seemed to go well. He then had me blow in the breathalyzer. His partner motioned to see the result. The officer refused stating “I got this”. As though he wasn’t satisfied he had me do another test that I’ve never heard of. He had me stand with my feet together, arms down at my side with my head tilted back, eyes closed. Then told me to count from 30 backwards. I did this. As I completed my counting, 3, 2, 1, 0. The officer then finished his counting out loud… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. He then immediately grabbed my arms behind me and cuffed me stating "your under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs." Is this for real? I've never heard of it.
The officer gave you what is called The Rhomberg Test; however, it is really a modified Rhomberg for DWI purposes....
Specifics on taking a plea bargain of a DWI case. I blew .005 under the legal limit of.
in July 2014 I was arrested and released with my license handed back to me for a DWI where I have lived .005 under the legal limit. When I went to court nobody had any information on this case, hence I thought it was dropped. 6 months later while on vacation I received a letter that I was to go to court the next following day. I was in Arizona the case was in Missouri at the time. Here I am numerous mOnths later back to Missouri with an under paid lawyer, con about te accpt a plea deal on Tuesday for prescribed medication and .005 limit of alcohol combined and which they're offering me 2 years unsupervised probation taking it down to Misdemeanor driving without a license and then after 2 years of successful unsupervised probation will be completely off my record. I don't think this is a
What is your question? No one here can tell you whether to take the deal - because we don't represent you and don't...