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I was arrested for DUI in California June 2014, blew zero, but stilL arrested, they did not pursue the case but have a year
When filling out a job application do I still have charges pending? I know I am not convicted, but wasn't sure if "charges" are pending till the one year date. I was suspected of drug use due to dilated pupils and blood was drawn, but I know I had not used any drugs.
Charges would be pending if the prosecutor actually started the criminal court process by filing a criminal complaint...
U get a dui 2 years ago and . I dint Went to the alcohol school .Know me probation.officer wants to send me to the school.
I don have a driver lincense .can i with a judge to delete the alcohol school
It's a little hard to understand what you are asking, but it sounds like you want to know if it's possible you can...
DUI at check point process-Will my 'booking record' be public information ? Will my pictures be released to mug shot websites ?
I was charged with DUI (1st offense) at a check point, but not 'arrested'/ not put in jail. The car was impounded, but I was released to go home, after doing the FST and the BAC tests. I was given a booking order for 'photos and fingerprints'. I still have few more days to make the booking appointment. I have no prior history of any offenses. No citations/misdemeanors etc. I am afraid if my picture/details will be made public, and will be available on search results. I am not able to find any proper answers if any pictures (after the booking process) will be made public or not. Can anyone confirm if this 'booking information' is released to such websites ?
Unfortunately, yes. All arrest info in California is a matter of public record. A lot of unscrupulous attorneys buy the...
I am required to do 18 moths program, for a 1995 case, I have been a certified AOD's counselor since 2000, do I have alternative
my last DUI conviction was on 1995, before that I served time in prison for multiple Du I's. In 1997 I went to a rehab and completed a 9 months program. In 1999 I got my license back after DMV told me to do a 3 month program. Then few months later my license was suspended. Recently I went back to see what I need to do and they want me to do an 18 months program. In 1999 I enrolled at the local college on addictive disorders courses and on 2001 I received my certifications. I also have an AS now on Addictive Disorders Studies in the Criminal Justice System, and I am accredited by one largest the state approved organizations. Further more, I have few more classes to complete so I can transfer to an university. I need to know what are my alternatives? I have been sober since 1997.
Your accomplishments and the way you have turned your life around for the better are definitely something to be proud...
How many days are you looking at if you were stopped for a 3rd DUI within 10 years and a BAC above .20%?
There was no accident and not on probation.
minimum 120 days - max. 1 year
What do I do if I can't complete my classes?
Hi, I received a DUI as a first time offender in Los Angeles. As part of my probation I had to pay a fine and do 3 month DUI classes. I already paid the fine but I have a problem with the classes. I am moving to Europe for a year and wont be able to complete the classes before I leave. What should I do and if I go see a judge again can they help me?
Go to court or speak with your attorney. You don't want to risk violating probation. Things can get very messy if you...
What will happen if I can't pay my $2600 in court fines and fees and also $138 /mo in probation costs?
I have court fees where they want $125 / mo. on top of my $138 probation fee for 36 months. I now have a felony and am unable to get a job in this failing economy. Basically I can't give them what I don't have. Maybe theres a remedy out there for the people getting charged these ridiculous extortionist fines and fees. Could a fee waiver be possible? This in in Ventura County Courts where you come on vacation and leave on probation. If any lawyer out there knows of something I can do, please chime in. Thank you in advance.
You need to contact your attorney and have the terms modified. Bear in mind that they may require community labor to...