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Hi I had two 1st conviction of a DUI can i git my cdl back or is that going to disqualification me for life
you should discuss this directly with your lawyer.
The first DUI he recieved when he was 17, he is now 29 so it has been over 10 years. I'd really like to get this one off his record because he was a juvenile and I thought that your Juvenile record doesn't get to be taken into consideration when you're charged as an adult? He got his 2nd at 23 and his 3rd at 26. We were told by his lawyer that once 10 years had passed he could indeed look into getting one expunged? They were all in PA and I'm confused because looking on here it seems that isn't the case; which leaves me wondering why his lawyer said it was possible for the right amount of $. He's not yet 30 and I hate to think of him stuck with these 3 strikes forever, no matter how much time goes by. Also, it looks bad for future employment opportunities.
There are only a few ways to have something expunged in PA. Obviously if your husband was placed on ARD for one of the...
pulled over for lights 21/f lives in pa dui arrest no criminal background
Since you were arrested in Delaware you should ask this in the Delaware DUI section. I would advise hiring an attorney...
Clear Record, 21 years old female lives in pennsylvania pulled over for lights off
The first thing you need to do is hire a criminal lawyer who is licensed to practice in the State of Delaware. Delaware...
I was in a wreck in PA, they took me to a DE hospital. They found unopened cigars in my car so they assumed I smoke pot. PA got a warrent for my blood taken in DE so they could test it. I had a high level for pot and no they ar going to arrest me and charge me with DUI. I smoked several days before the wreck.
The short answer is yes. The level of a controlled substance at the time of the accident may be siezed by Pennsylvania...
This was my first time DUI offense. I have no other violations.
Your attorney upon the showing of a letter from the court that you have completed all the requirements can file an...
at the time of my accident i was told i was being placed under arrest for DUI, taken to hospital, consented to chemical blood test with results of .218 bac, the officers left before my wife came to pick me up, and was not cited at the time nor read my rights when placed in cuffs. do i have a leg to stand on with these charges as far as fighting them in court? i was under the assumption that they must cite you at the time, and release you into someones custody. i received the summons 3 weeks later for 1st offense.
The Rules of Criminal Procedure permit the arresting officer to release you and proceed by Criminal Summons, which you...