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PA ARD program with NJ license
I received a DUI, was put on the ARD program. I fulfilled every obligation except they told me I had to find a "DUI Intervention group" in my area. Can you tell me exactly what that means? Is that the 12 1/2 hour meeting they have in PA? And can I go to the PA program if I live in NJ? Or do I have to go for substance abuse counseling, and if so, where? I live in Warren County. I called the IDRC group in Morristown and they said I would get something from Trenton, but I never did. Thanks for the help.
This sounds similar to what NJ IDRC calls "aftercare". You say "they told me". Who is "they"? If it's PA, then they...
What are my odds of getting into the ARD and giving a second chance?
I got arrested for a DUI on the 4th of July in PA but I live in NJ. Never been arrested or in trouble B4. I'm gonna get a lawyer to help me to get in the ARD. What are my odds of getting a second chance?
You need to ask a Pa. attorney. I would think you chances are good.
Can an empty bag be sufficient evidence to be charged with dui in if your a minor?
I was driving my truck that is licensed and insured when i got stuck on railway tracks due to ice, mind you that the track itself was covered in a two inch layer of ice . not ten seconds after i got stuck the railway crossings started flashing. The train was moving to fast to stop and pushed my truck into the railway crossing pole and knocked it down. After the police arrived they found an empty bag in the truck. I was never urine tested and they never finished the drug screen. I'm being charged with possession, careless driving, and a charge called "sloppy at railroad crossway" .
Fight the charge. Find an attorney that has experience with DREs. They can charge you; you may be able to beat...
Awaiting toxicology reports for dwi accident, still not charged month later.
I was in an accident little more then a month ago. It was just me in the accident and no one else or property damage. I was drinking and left the scene of the accident because my house was less then a quarter mile of accident. I went home and took a few shots because I had physical injuries and college buddies were drinking. Then called the police on separate phone since my was broke in accident. Do I have a beatable case. Plus I was never arrested just taken to the hospital for injuries. However did go to police station and police said they were awaiting toxicology report. What should I do.
Your case could result in a dismissal, however it's a lot of work. What is your budget for legal services?
I plan on going to Canada for a 2 day stay.
I had a DUI 30 years ago should I be concern about not being let in.
It should not have an impact but you must make sure that you either have your passport or passport card.
I got a DUI after my application was accepted for naturalization, How will this affect my interview?
The application is already accepted and I already did my fingerprints, the incident happened after.
I don't know if you mean you were convicted of the DUI or just charged with one. If convicted already, the conviction...
Can a p.a dui be transferred to nj?
this is my 2nd dui and my options are 30 days in jail or in house arrest, while having to move to p.a... I dont understand this. If i lived in california would I have to move to p.a. to serve house arrest? it makes no sense
Pennsylvania and 45 other states are part of the Driver License Compact. The Pennsylvania Department of...