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What does it mean if the arresting officer in my dui case got transferred?
My attorney told me that the arresting officer was transferred and that is good, but I am a little confused on how this is good
It usually means that the officer is in another department or in another city's department. Usually that means that...
Applying and eligibility for a privilege license in NC after my license was revoked for DWLS and other traffic violations.
I am a full-time employee at home where I am a certified nursing assistant to my best friend who was a quadriplegic. He pays me through payroll paychecks and an our employee/employer agreement was set up & signed by a judge. I am responsible for taking him to and from doctors' appointments as well as picking up medical supplies, meditations, groceries, and any other thing he might need. As I am responsible for all these things I'm hoping they will take them into consideration. Could you give me some insight, thank you very much.
The answer depends on your driving record. How many Driving While License Revoked convictions do you have? How many...
Can you be charged with a DWI when you refuse breathalyzer test?
I was pulled over for revoked tag and no insurance. When officer came to window he asked if I had been drinking. I said only 2 beer. I had beer bottles in floor board of car and they found beer bottle caps in my pockets. They had me do the field sobriety test, they said I failed. I refused the breathalyzer test on the spot and at jail. Can I still get charged with Dwi?
Not only CAN you be convicted of DWI, you automatically lose your license and driving privileges for 1 year for a...
Do I have a chance for my DUI to be dropped?
A few days ago, my boyfriend tried to turn around to get my sunglasses that had fallen out the window. During the turn his truck slid into a ditch and got stuck. While waiting for a friend to pull us out the Park Rangers pulled up. After being pulled out we were all told to go to the parking lot to discuss what happend. My boyfriend asked me to drive as he was afraid he would go to jail if he continued to drive. We'd both been drinking, but I had only had 2 and I felt perfectly fine. I drove less than a quarter mile and after my boyfriend was arrested they targeted me and made me take a breath test. I blew a 0.03. which was over for me because I'm 20. I don't think she told me I was under arrest and I was never read my rights. I had no intent to continue to drive after I parked his truck I was just doing what the park ranger told us to do.
I hope those were really nice glasses You are probably charged with driving after consuming while <21. It's serious...
I let my daughter pawn my rifle. She has a dui will she be able to get it out??
My daughter pawned my rifle she has a dui will she be able to get it back?
I can't see why not. A pawn shop has no connection to the DUI.
If you enter and pass a pretrial diversion program for a DUI do you then have to admit to it later?
I was in WV and got my first offense for a DUI. I entered a pretrial DUI diversion program and I passed the program completely. Do I have to admit to future employers about the DUI? Or since I passed the diversion program is it not something I have to admit?
NC law has nothing like WV's diversion for drunk/impaired drivers. Was the charge dismissed and then expunged? If...
What is the penalty for a violation for driving on dui probation?
My husband was seen by his probation officer driving, he said he would talk to his supervisor and get back to him in the morning. But he is doing everything hes supposed to working, classes, and alcohol monitor etc.
Is his license suspended and he either doesn't have driving privileges and/or is ineligible to get a privilege at this...