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Im in alabama, got a dui, discovered i had a brain tumor size of baseball, is insanity plea feasible?
trying to find any cases in alabama where diminished capacity or insanity plea was used successfully, i was was on haldol and had large brain tumor, what should i plead?
Well, are you or were you insane? A brain tumor does not automatically render one insane and a DUI requires very...
What are my best options to get this reduced? Worried about losing my daughter my job my house
I was arrested for dui. It's my third one in five years(been two and a half years since the 2nd). Other than the dui 's and the ticket that gave them cause to pull me over I have not had any contact with the police in almost two decades. I've had the same job for twelve yrs. I have a house and I'm the sole provider for my daughter.
It will sound like a broken record once more attorneys see the question, but your best bet is to find an experienced...
If someone is charged with a DUI (underage) and fails a drug test what will happen?Can the probation be transfrd.to a diff.state
my brother has been going through a rough time fightint the battle of drug addiction. During One if his low points he was pulled over for drunk driving (underage)His trial comes up this week and I know he will fail his drug test, what will happen to him? And also, I want him to move in with me to try and start his life over, I live in California and he lives in Alabama, is that possible once he's on probation or whatever happens??
Generally, most states have a zero tolerance for DWI or DUI and underage drinkers or druggers. That means they don't...
He never seen me driving when he pulled up I was out of the car. Can he still prosecute me for driving taking my prescribed meds
I was arrested for DUI in Dothan, Alabama today and before I was arrested I hit a curb and it flatten my tire and bent my rom well I stopped and a cop pulled up and the first thing he asked me was have I had anything to drink. I was angry he asked this, then he wanted a breathalyzer test which I passed and he said I looked like I was under the influence of some kind of drug and I said I don't do drugs or drink the only drug I do is the medication I have to take then he wanted me to do the horizontal gaze and walk nine steps with feet in front of one another and I don't have good balance I weigh almost 250lbs, but he arrested me anyway and charged me with DUI. I'm prescribed Xanax and methadone and he told me that as long as I'm legally prescribed those meds it's ok he says.
Yes you can be prosecuted for DUI of a prescribed drug. Just because you are prescribed them does not mean that you can...
What forms will I need to file for to begin the process
I have been a resident of Alabama since Dec. 18, 2013. I received my 3rd DUI conviction in Dec, 2012, within a 10 year period in the state of Pennsylvania. Where I completed & graduated from DUI Court and will soon be completed my maximum probation term of 5 yrs. I am seeking advice in applying for a hardship driver license for work. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
There is no such thing as a "hardship" driver license in the state of Alabama. Either one holds a driver license or...
Is it legal for a case to sit on appeal almost four years?
I was arrested for DUI in 2011. Went to in front of judge in April 2012, was convicted even though I didn't blow. I immediately appealed and have heard nothing for almost four years. Just notified of court date. This happened in Blount county Alabama, where the good ole' boy system is in full swing.
If you're not represented, you should consult with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The length of delay...
Appeal and go jury trial or except judge ruling, if it was you what would you choose and as a professional your recommendation?
The trooper who made the stop gave me speeding ticket(81 in 65) and gave my passenger in front open container, had her son (13) in backseat. Stop was unusual with many details. Was told by court could apply for "deferred prosecution", did and was denied(have no priors). Facts: On the highway, to the 2nd(arresting) trooper, I admitted having 4-5 shots earlier in the day, blew in device 4-5 times, performed 3 field test, was arrested, I refused breathalyzer at jail. Judge asked DUI trooper since he didn't have test, his opinion. He said "I have seen worse, but if he wanted a number, probably around a .1 if I had agreed to blow." My speeding ticket from one trooper, my DUI from the other. Judge said "state provided evidence for DUI/Ticket and charged me. Two yrs suspended jail sentence, with agreement CRO program, a ignition device, $2100 fine DUI and $300speeding, and of course I have 14 days to decide if I want to appeal.
This internet board is no place to request detailed, specific legal advice for your case. Every DUI case is factually...