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Can someone be convicted of dui based on circumstantial evidence?
An officer pulled someone over, If an officer sees an open container and administers field sobriety tests can only those two things alone be used to convict someone of dui? The the fst and an open container no pbt. From my knowledge of Fed Rule Evid rule 702, the FST can only be used to determine if there is probable cause for an arrest, not to convict and an open container is a payable fine...
You can be convicted of DUI or DWI based on the field sobriety tests and an open container. Now, the State's case is...
How is a MD license affected by a PA "DUI" when I refused all testing? do I need to take a lawyer?
live in MD went to a concert in PA sobriety checkpt was set up and I refused all testing. (Breathalyzer and sobriety test) was arrested and charged with DUI. refused blood draw also. so with no concrete proof how will this turn out? and how will it affect my MD license? can PA suspend my license when I don't live in their state?
Anytime you have DUI charge you need an attorney. Here obviously you need a PA DUI attorney. The rules and procedures...
What happens if I had was convicted of a DUI in Virginia and have now moved to Maryland?
I received a DUI 2 years ago in Virginia and was convicted. I have since moved to Maryland. If my fines are paid, can I get a Maryland drivers license? Do I still have to get the ignition interlock? If I can get a Maryland license, what happens if I get pulled over in Virginia for say speeding ?
You can obtain a Maryland license as long as your Virginia license is now valid with no court ordered restrictions.
Do I have to disclose a probation before judgement on an employment application. Isn't this a plea before sentencing?
I have a probation before judgement for a D.U.I. in 2009.
That generally depends on the question being asked on the application. If the question asked is "have you ever been...
What are the odds of receiving a Stet on a DUI charge in Baltimore City?
I received a DUI charge on account of car accident (total loss, no injuries) in Baltimore City while still on probation (PBJ) for a DUI charge in Baltimore County, which was also due to a car accident (total loss, no 3rd party involved). The officer claims that I refused the breathalyzer test this time. I am not eligible for a PBJ again, obviously, so what are the odds of receiving a Stet or Nolle Prosequi disposition? What kind of sentence should I expect in this scenario?
Every case is different depending on the specific facts. Since you are already on probation for DUI, the likelihood of...
First time DUI with 0.13 BAC from breathalyzer as well as speeding charges (74/35) and reckless driving. Possible outcomes?
Pulled over for speeding (74 in 35 zone) + reckless driving charges 'Poor performance' in field sobriety test as indicated by report BAC 0.13 with breathalyzer at the police station (after refusing breathalyzer on road) Was cooperative the whole time & released on own recognizance (w/o bail)
There are possible defenses and steps to take to protect your rights and improve your position. You should contact an...
Will a DUI evaluation require me to take a drug test?
My lawyer suggested I voluntarily go get an evaluation after getting my first DUI (alcohol). He said the doctor could help with setting up the alcohol education classes I have to take. I smoked some marijuana a few days before the DUI and I'm worried they evaluation will include a drug test which I would most likely fail.
You need to discuss this with your lawyer. He is the one representing you in connection with your case and will be most...