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I was in an accident five months ago. I told the officer I had been drinking six hours before the accident. The officer had my blood drawn and just recently charged me with serious injury while under the influence. The tests came back as .137 and I don't see how this can be possible. All the online BAC calculators show that I would have had to drink a lot more to be at that level six hours later. Why would the officer wait 5 months to charge me and are the tests legal if I had an IV in my arm during the test?
A blood draw is going to be more accurate than an online calculator.
On a previous ovi charge I was charged with 4511-19a1a and 4511-19a1d the ovi-alcohol 4511-19a1a was dismissed an I plead out to the other of breath of over .08 now is that still an ovi if the ovi part was dismissed ? An can that be used towards the next one to escalate up the scale ?
An attorney would need to look at the sentencing entry from the previous offense. It appears that you were convicted...
13 yrs ago I got a felony conviction of vehicular assault (non-violent felony) and dui (misdemeanor). It was basically a dui wreck. Noting on my record since. Went to the original attorney that handled the case he reviewed my background, did some research and stated that I was eligible for expungement. I gave him 1,000 and he filed the paper work. Went to the court hearing and the original judge was the judge again and granted the expungement and even allowed me to file and was going to grant my gun rights back. 2 weeks later got a letter in the mail for a hearing. Judge stated he was making the entry and remembered that you can’t expunge a dui and since the dui was on the same conviction as the felony, he could not grant the expungement. Do I have any grounds to appeal?
there is a case out there that says you cannot expunge it if you have a traffic offense on the same case.
I went out wit some buddies had a couple beers left was messing wit my phone looked in my mirror seen a cop behind me an jus knew he would pull me over (2:13am) had me trying to do field test was having contact issues an was pretty cold so had trouble on one leg. Took me to station I blew an was under the legal limit. I've talked to a few ovi lawyers but they want so much up front an Fairfield court only gave me 2weeks to hire one , is there any way a public pretender can help honestly ? Or do I really need a paid one ?
If you meet financial guidelines an attorney will be appointed. Some PDs are very good and they enjoy a winnable case...
i got a citation for under aged drinking. what is going to happen
You are going to tell your probation officer about this asap. They will come down harder on you if you do not tell...
I was sleeping in running car. I refused all test and if convicted this will be my second felony dui. Is there any defense available in this situation. Any information would helpful thanks.
I don't think you have a choice. There are defenses to OVI, but in your case, you really need a GOOD OVI attorney to...
I have never been in trouble before or after that incident. Will this show up on a back round check. Will it always be a part of my record? If so can I do anything to get it removed?
You will need to contact an Ohio attorney to see if it is possible to get the conviction set aside or expunged, this...