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“Can someone be charged with 1st and 2nd DUI within 25 min of each other ?? If two different cars are hit each time?”
Blew a .209 ...hit and run in city then 25 min later wrecked in county limits. Is this one DUI or 2 ?? They are saying it is two DUI's , should we fight it ? This is a first offense.
More information is needed about the particular facts of your case, and you should not post those facts on this public...
2nd time DUI offense in KY
I was arrested twice for a DUI of marijuana, driving my car after smoking. I have a court date on the 16th next week, I have not yet found a lawyer but am looking. I'm aware That I made a poor decision and I very much regret it. However, I'm still worried about my job and school situation. I was wondering if there was any possible way I could get a lesser sentence like fines or community service or probation so that I could continue working and going to school. Thanks
Find an attorney in your area immediately, as there are significant collateral consequences of a conviction depending...
I pled guilty to a controlled substance charge in 1988 & a DUI in 1999. Can I have both expunged from my record?
I was young & easily influenced by the crowd I associated, with the controlled substance(felony) charge. I had just ended a 20 year relationship, had lost employment with the DUI(1st offense). I returned to school and achieved 2 AAS degrees w/ honors. No charges since.
You need to contact a KY attorney to review all your post conviction options. you can start with this resource: http:/...
What if during legal separation spouse is charged with a DUI and that DUI resulted in property or bodily injury. Am I liabile?
I understand normal financial liability, but I resent the possibility of being held liabile for something that is totally out of my control--we live in the same city, but do not see each other regularly. She had a "minor" DUI before she separated... and since the has had "bouts" of intoxication.
I have altered your post to the civil law section of avvo so some civil lawyers may respond. There are several issues:...
My name is Steve, I got a dui in2005 and 2007. I have no career anymore i was a truck driver. got the dui's in my car.
Got my c.d.l. permit back. Have not drove a truck in 7yrs. no trucking schools will take me because of the d.u.i.'s All i have ever done was drive a truck for 20+ yrs. What can I do?
You need to consult with a competent criminal defense attorey in your area to see if you qualify for an expungment. KRS...
I got a DUI for smoking marijuana. Been to court 3 times and test results are not back. What are my rights in KY.
Pulled over in June and went to hospital for blood test. In jail for 24 hrs. Went to court 2 weeks later. Laid over till a month later in July. Went to court in July and laid over until August. Went to court in August and laid over till September. Asked about court appointed defender and was told to request one at each subsequent court date.
You have the right to a speedy trial. However, it may not be in your best interest to assert this right. You can't...
Can my husband contest a divorce and get custody of our kids if he is an alcoholic and has had 4dui's in the last 9yrs?
my husband is receiving his 4th dui in the last 9yrs he drinks consistently i have found him passed out with a lit cigarette in his hand he drinks every night till he passes out. he has had 2 car accidents because he was drinking and I had to leave 2 jobs because i could not trust him to take care of the kids at night.
The short answer is yes, depending on the circumstances. You do not mention anything about yourself. Most courts will...