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Will I be in trouble for not reporting to jail to serve my misdemeanor time for a DUI when the town us under a state emergency?
Yesterday I was supposed to report to jail to serve misdemeanor jail time for a DUI. We received a large amount of snow & my town was under a state of emergency. I called the jail & they could not tell me what to do one way or the other yet they were sympathetic to the situation with the hazardous roads. I called my lawyer multiple times & left messages. The court house was even closed. I am planning on trying to go tonight but not sure if I'll be in trouble or not?
Report ASAP. Don't make this worse.
What will happen?
My sister served 45 days for a misdemeanor of intimidating a witness. She was ultimately charged with fourth degree assault, served her time, and received probation. While on probation, she got a DUI, and got her license suspended. Several months later, she was pulled over driving on suspended DUI license and got another DUI. She also got third degree assault and resisting arrest. She has since gone to rehab, but received a PI after release. Today, her probation was revoked. What will happen next?
We need to know all of the facts and circumstances regarding exactly what she was facing and what she is facing now. I...
2nd time DUI offense in KY
I was arrested twice for a DUI of marijuana, driving my car after smoking. I have a court date on the 16th next week, I have not yet found a lawyer but am looking. I'm aware That I made a poor decision and I very much regret it. However, I'm still worried about my job and school situation. I was wondering if there was any possible way I could get a lesser sentence like fines or community service or probation so that I could continue working and going to school. Thanks
Find an attorney in your area immediately, as there are significant collateral consequences of a conviction depending...
What if during legal separation spouse is charged with a DUI and that DUI resulted in property or bodily injury. Am I liabile?
I understand normal financial liability, but I resent the possibility of being held liabile for something that is totally out of my control--we live in the same city, but do not see each other regularly. She had a "minor" DUI before she separated... and since the has had "bouts" of intoxication.
I have altered your post to the civil law section of avvo so some civil lawyers may respond. There are several issues:...
My name is Steve, I got a dui in2005 and 2007. I have no career anymore i was a truck driver. got the dui's in my car.
Got my c.d.l. permit back. Have not drove a truck in 7yrs. no trucking schools will take me because of the d.u.i.'s All i have ever done was drive a truck for 20+ yrs. What can I do?
You need to consult with a competent criminal defense attorey in your area to see if you qualify for an expungment. KRS...
I got a DUI for smoking marijuana. Been to court 3 times and test results are not back. What are my rights in KY.
Pulled over in June and went to hospital for blood test. In jail for 24 hrs. Went to court 2 weeks later. Laid over till a month later in July. Went to court in July and laid over until August. Went to court in August and laid over till September. Asked about court appointed defender and was told to request one at each subsequent court date.
You have the right to a speedy trial. However, it may not be in your best interest to assert this right. You can't...
What is a customary fee schedule for a 1st DUI and how long do they usually take to resolve?
I was charged with a DUI 9/2015 with a 0.03 breath test in the field and negative on the blood and the only thing on my drug screen was Trazadone which I have taken for several years for sleep when I need it. This has been ongoing, it took until May to get the blood results back. My lawyer asked for $1000. up front, he travels 13 miles for the continuing court appearances which have totaled 3 visits of no more than 5 minutes, and the pre-trial which may have lasted a total of 10 minutes. I met with him for the first time in his office last Friday and he asked for an additional $3000. 1500 to cover the continuing visits to date and 1500 to go to a bench trial. I have been led to believe all along that this would most likely be dismissed, but for some reason the county attorney wants it taken forward. I have never been in trouble before. I feel like these fees are excessive.
Respectfully, I think the fees are quite reasonable. You are paying for time and experience. Your attorney spent...