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What do I have to do to get my license back?
I received a DUI (first offense misdemeanor) in the state of WV, but my license was from NY State. It has been 4 years, I have not been in any alcohol related legal trouble. In WV to get my license back I would have had to have a blow and go, but I did not have a vehicle and never could. What does this mean for me in NYS as a driver? What can I do (don't have much money or vehicle) to get my license back and valid here?
I suggest that you speak to DMV about this. A New York dui misdemeanor conviction would have resulted in a 1 year loss...
Is it against the law in ny to beep your horn unless it is to affoid an accident
was told it was illeagal to beep in front of someones house if you are waiting for them even if parked in driveway.
If you are being a noise nuisance, then yes, but there is nothing wrong with a single, short beep. If you are laying on...
Can you do anything prior to DWI court appearance to assist your case?
My adult son got a DWI in Orange County, NY recently and has a court appearance in 2 weeks. Is there anything he can do now to help his case? i.e., voluntarily surrender his license to DMV now, sign up for alcohol awareness classes, move into a relative's house who doesn't drive or own a vehicle, currently on parent's car insurance policy so should he be dropped now from the policy (he does not own a car). He does have a permanent job and has signed up to go back to school to become a paramedic, which may be out of the question now, so he can prove that he does support himself (although he does not make much money). What are the best steps he can take in the next two weeks before the court hearing to show that he realizes he made a huge mistake.and is willing to make changes in his life,
You don't say what the facts of the case are. If you are talking about defending the case, it might be worth seeing if...
Should we drop our son from our car insurance (NYS) because he just recently got a DWI?
Our son is listed on our car insurance, but none of our cars are in his name. He just got a DWI but hasn't gone to court yet (he will in 2 weeks). To protect ourselves (our insurance and to avoid having a breathlizer unit placed on all our vehicles) would it be smart to drop him immediately from our insurance and possibly even have him move in with his grandmother? He is 31 years old not a teenager. Also should he surrender his license voluntarily at the court appearance? He is being charged with aggravated DWI. Any help you can give us is very much appreciated. Thank you.
Some counties have no plea policies on all DWI cases and some have no plea policies on aggravated DWI so the first...
I've had 3 duis. ?
Paid all my fines went through all the classes got my liscence back. My last dui was 19 yrs ago just received a letter saying my liscence was being revoked July 8 2017 can I possibly stop this from happening No duis since 1998 and nothing else on my driving record
The DMV cannot simply revoke your driving privileges. There has to be a conviction for something that triggers the DMV...
Was convicted DWI applied for license denied under section 136.5[a] [4] and 136.5[b] [1] after all fines and programs how do I
had 2 driving impaired 2 D.W.I dated 1999 and before besides last conviction of D.W.I 2010
Call a NY DUI lawyer for more info on how to get your license back.
I had 3 DWI's in 5yrs. The last conviction date was 9/25/2012. The new DMV revocation policy went into place just 3 days later,?
I had 3 DWI's in 5yrs. The last conviction date was 9/25/2012. The new DMV revocation policy went into place just 3 days later, 9/28/2012. I am on parole until 11/2017. I received a letter from the DMV that my license was revoked for life. I heard you can apply for a hardship license after 5yrs from the last conviction? Is that true and how would I go about that? I am willing to retain a lawyer for help with this.
I suggest reading the information at: https://dmv.ny.gov/tickets/penalties-multiple-offenders