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Can he apply for removal of his b card. He has not had alcohol for ten years but has only had his license back for 7.
My boyfriend got a b-card license many years ago. He had three dui's prior to age 20. He is now about to turn 38. Ten years ago he was in an argument in a hotel and the police were called for the noise disturbance. They found out he had a b card and his license was cancelled for three years (I believe he had a previous cancellation when he as 21 or so). He has had his license back now for 7 years. He has not had alcohol in 10 years.
Possibly yes. We would need to see his driving record. The problem is *proving* 10 years of abstinence. Call an...
What is the statute of limitations for DUI in Minnesota, for a non resident?
Never made court appearance, received in July of 2011, believe court date was following September.
Since you've already been charged, no statute of limitations applies. There is very likely a warrant out for your...
I recently got a dwi charge I blew .10. I'm curious what I'm looking at.
This is my first dwi and im currently on probation for 5th degree assault intent to inflict fear. That charge Is a stayed of judication. They had given me one year probation for that and some community service. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what I should expect for jail time, probation ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Consult with an attorney who does both criminal law and DUI. Use Find a Lawyer here to help.
Got my second dwi, in mn while i was on probation what am i looking at?
I got my second DWI while I was on probation. I just want to know what I'm looking at on getting out of this, for my 2nd dwi in 3 weeks?
Thank you for the e-mail. You have a myriad of problems. First, if you had a Blood Alcohol Content over .20, or...
What will my dwi sentencing look like?
I was just arrested for a dwi, second degree. I was also charged with 5th degree controlled substance (is that a felony?). I already have the in home monitoring system rigged to go off every 12 hours, i will have this till at least my next court date in about a month. With no priors and a clean background, what would you think my final sentencing will be on my next court date. Is it possible they drop the substance charge? Am I facing more jail time?
Whether any charges get dismissed or what your possible sentencing might look like depends on a host of factors not the...
How can I get a pro Bono felony dui lawyer in southern Minnesota
Got another omnibus granted. High blood sugar diabetic tested .13 on pbt (keytones) and then still tested .13 over two hours later on datamaster dmt. I was refused a blood test over 20 times and wasn't allowed to call 911 and have an ambulance give me one. I'm facing 3-7 years! Need experienced pro Bono lawyer asap.
Call around and see if any lawyers will take the case free or discounted. Or contact local legal aid clinics or...
At time of signing doc, was intoxicated wants ANNULMENT
My dad wants to file for annulment, at the time he signed the marriage license, he was intoxicated, and he has glaucoma, and had no clue what he was doing. They were married on 8/25/16. I got the forms of petition for annulment, does he have a chance? and if so whats he to do next? Do i just send it in? to whom would i present the form to?I really appreciate your time and advice. Hennepin County,
Annulments are rarely simple if contested. There is insufficient information to provide any real answers. The question...