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Why does it show my case still pending for DUI on Orange County Florida Search Court Records after 38 years?
I was recently perusing through Orange County Florida Search Court Records for my history on traffic violations. My first violation was for an arrest for DUI back in June of 1979, paid a fine and went to traffic school. My most recent driving record from the State of Florida shows: 1. Under SANCTIONS, "Action Required" No or None. 2. Shows license revoked for 90 days, which was accurate. 3. School Elected stated NO, which is inaccurate, no way to show that. 4. Notice Provide Date, 02/01/1899 (something wrong with that date) 5. Requirements Completed Date, 02/18/1981 (again inaccurate date, believe I competed all the requirement in the 90 day period) So on the CoC website, why would it still be showing PENDING after almost 40 years now? Also since the Florida DMV Driving Record shows VALID and met all infraction requirements, should I even bother to get the website changed? Respectfully
Contact the Clerk of Courts for the County your case took place. Often it is just an administrative oversight that...
I am on probation six months for HTO and revoked license for 180 days. Can the judge appoint a hardship license for time frame?
license revoked for 180 days is there anyway to have judge reverse that or grant an early realease from probation?
No, it's up to DMV, not the judge. You may be eligible for a hardship 1 year from the date of your conviction. Good...
Driving on a class "C" hardship license, I was wondering if you are allowed to drive to a gas station, Bank, DUI School, Vet?
I know you are allowed to drive to Dr, church, and school. However I was told that even the grocery store might not be allowed and it's up to the cop that pulls you over whether or not he thinks it's alright??
You are allowed to drive for any business purpose. School, employment, church, library, bank, doctor, hospital and...
How many people who have a lawyer get jail time for a first time DUI charge and you never have been in trouble before.
Person blew 3 times the limit, and this is Florida
It depends a great deal on the facts of the case, the way the case is handled, the Judge and the Prosecutor. DUIs, even...
Hired attorney for my dui paid $4200 up front. Arrested failure to appear got new attorney have bills for ptsd counseling&drugs
Hubby called attorney 24hour emergency#as I ambeing cuffed in home for failure to appear at 8p brought out infront of my neighbors humilated;call returned by rep at 11a stating dont know what happened, late afternoon we get him states first he heard of it, but has been fielding calls from other attorneys.I called 2 attorneys that referred me to him letting them know. never been in trouble before in shock not sure what to do. promised me he would handle everything. told him i no longer trusted him and would go with him to every hearing. also said i need to know who dropped ball and needed to know next day.2 days no response i hired another attorney who spoke to him i was suppose to recieve a call never did.had to attend counseling 2 yrs for ptsd and on drugs for anxiety depression and sleep
It sounds like your main priority is to get the money refunded. A lot will depend upon whether your husband signed a...
If you're arrested for DUI and booked, how long are you held in jail?
A friend was picked up for DUI while on probabtion and has previous DUIs/ a felony record. How long will the county jail hold her before setting bail and releasing her? Is there a mandatory short-term jail sentence before the hearing?
There are two cases here from what you've described. There's the DUI and the Violation of Probation. The DUI very...
What can I do if I feel I have been poorly represented by my criminal defense attorney?
I have been going through a DUI case for approximately 6 months. I hired my attorney soon after my arrest, it has been a nightmare since. No communication, feeling that I was not a priority as I paid all money up front, never even met him till I had to appear in court yesterday for a plea, I changed my mind to not plea deal because I don't think I have gotten fair representation. I asked on 2 occasions for my case including police report, and body cam videos be sent to me and they never were. I also feel that they were trying to get me to plea as they were tired of fighting.
As I understand your post, you agreed to enter a plea but changed your mind yesterday due to dissatisfaction with your...