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Can I get out of my dui
I was recently charged with dui. I was going 16 over and I saw the cops lights turn on. when I pulled over he said he saw me throwing a joint out the window. he searched me and my car and even the trunk which I believe is illegal without my consent and he didn't find any incriminating evidence. the only test he ran was the eye test which I believe I passed based on his reaction. he also broke my watch which I had just bought and was on my way back from getting. is this case possible to beat and what would you do to beat it?
Please hire an attorney. We see people day in and day out in justice court trying to represent themselves and even when...
I moved to Hattiesburg ,MS from Texas . How soon I need to transfer my driving License? If not what are the PENALTIES?
What are the consequences if I fail to transfer My driving licence with in 6 months. If not what are the PENALTIES?
Usually you're suppose to apply for a new license within 10-20 days. You could get an infraction or misdemeanor if you...
I was convicted of a DWI 1st offense over a year ago. Never showed up on my record. Now a bench warrant?
I was convicted of a DWI 1st offense over a year ago. I paid the entire fine upfront and was placed on 6 months probation, in which I was ordered to complete a MASEP class series. I live out of state and was unable to attend the MASEP classes due to traveling for work. I did keep in touch and pay my probation officer well over 6 months. Also, the DWI offense NEVER showed up on my driving record. A few months after conviction, I got my license changed to Louisiana license. Is there any option to get out of going to MASEP classes. My probation officer informed me last month that a bench warrant would be issued if I had not completed the MASEP classes by April, of which I have not done.
MASEP and victims impact are required.
Would my attorney have a copy of all the charges I got for a DUI?
I received a DUI. I had friends in the vehicle with me and I had a bottle of whiskey in the truck as well. The officer took it for evidence but I think he said he forgot to write it down. I gave my parents the money and they said they'd take care of it since I'm in school. I never told my parents I had friends in the truck with me or that I had whiskey with me. I am underage and blew a .5. Would my attorney know about a possession charge even if I didn't tell them?
Your attorney will know. This question needs to be addressed to your lawyer if you are in fact represented. As a...
How can I get a DUI removed after it's been 3 years?
I'm in the military but a few years ago I was with friends and we had been doing some light drinking but I failed the alcohol breathalizer but I am trying to go active duty and i need this off my record before i can, what are my options?
Not this soon (3 years), unfortunately. However, depending on the facts and whether you meet the eligibility criteria...
Will juvenile probation officers test for nicotine?
I quit smoking last week, but I took up the habit of dipping in its place. I will get off probation on December 3rd. I want to know if they do a big everything test before I get off. Extra info: I'm 15, from Madison ms, and was charged with malicious mischief and burglary. Please help thanks.
No way to guess ask them or your lawyer.........................................................
Visa revocation for non-immigrant with DUI arrest
I have a TPS with EAD and it is time for my extension. I was arrested for DUI in jan 2013 but I still have my case pending on court. I got the TPS apporved on end of 2015. I explained the pending case of my DUI arrest with required documents to get my TPS approved on dec 2015 to the USCIS. Now, on feb 2016, this new law of revocation of visa for non-immigrant with DUI arrest is scary. Will that affect my TPS renewal process. Will this affect me if I file green card throuh my US citizen wife next year?
Your question is too complex to be answered properly on an online forum like Avvo. Your situation and the state of the...