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Can my victim plead the fifth because she was drunk and got me charged with dv (assault) (felony)
My gf came home drunk and initiated a fight. I told her to leave and she continued. I tried to pick her up to put her outside and she fought me knocking us both down. I pulled her hair to try and pick her up. She started to yell so I tried to cover her mouth then she bit me, so I choked her. I got her out of the house and she called the police. They are charging me with felony assault and she doesn't want to press charges cause she feels bad and doesn't hardly remember anything. can she plead the fifth because she doesn't remember what really happened.
This is a fairly common tactic but it doesn't always work out so well for the defendant or the alleged victim. Yes,...
License Reinstatement Requirements in Alaska After 1st DUI
I was charged with a first DUI in Alaska on 10/1/13. My license was revoked for 90 days. I also have 3 days jail (remanded to 1/15/14), SR22 and ignition interlock requirement, alcohol classes and a fine. After 90 days, if I have not completed my other requirements yet, can I get my license reinstated?
You have to show you are in compliance with your ASAP (Alcohol Safety Action Program) requirements, which usually means...
Can I be charged with a DUI if the police never witnessed me driving>
I woke up intoxicated at 4:30 in the morning with my friends saying that my car was in the ditch. They told me it has been there since 3:30 in the morning. The police came to my house at 4:46 am and started by saying "It's pretty cold outside, we're are coming in." so they just stepped in my house. They started questioning me and asked if I drove the car there, all I said was "I must have if my friend told me." and they pulled my drunk friend out of the other room, but he surprisingly passed the breathalyzer with a .00 . He did not witness me driving, but the police just got him to state that I was the driver. After being questioned they arrested me for an MIP, and possible DUI. Is there any way around the DUI?
Yes, they can charge you. Operation can be proven through witnesses, circumstantial evidence or your own admissions.
Can i get my licence back without doing asap AGAIN!
I've been thru several 'treatment places, spent 1000's of $. Somehow, someway they don't pass me. (Flimsy/even false reasons.) I Haven't got in any trouble for almost 10yrs. I can't afford it again. Plus it doesn't/didn't work.
I am not licensed to practice in Alaska, but it would still be tough to answer your question is I were without more...
Felony DUI. All therapy + completed. Going on 5 years non drinker. Can a lawyer help me get my license back?
Non drinker now. Really need Drivers License for work. Trying to get back on my feet and be a productive taxpayer.
You should be able to get it back no problem. Have you just gone to the DMV (set an appointment) and ask them yourself...
A drunk driver hit me and they don't want to fix my car. What should I do?
Insurance company said that my car was a total loss, however, it's fixable. and also, it's not my fault, it was the other driver's fault.
The drunk driver is responsible for all damages caused by his/her negligence. In Alaska, this includes economic...
I have 3 DUI's in the state of Michigan . I have a hold on my license till sept 15,2015. Should I go go through a lawyer back in
Michigan, or try to get a lawyer from Alaska. I've been living here since jan 17th of 2013, I didn't know if having resistance up here. How it will effect a judges decision on getting back when I'm supposed too.
If you haven't cleared up the 3DUIs in Mi I doubt if any Alaskan attorney can help you out.