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I was arrested for reckless driving taken to the station were I refused owi testing due to my Miranda Rights, is that wrong?
I was all ready "in custody" under arrest and had been taken to the station when they started asking me questions and I refused to be tested, asked for a lawyer.
If they ceased questioning after you asked for a lawyer or if they don't use any statements you made after that, there...
We couldn't find anything for I failed my intoxalock in Iowa, not a rolling retest, but the first blow of the day.
This didn't result in a lockout, so am I ok in relationship to the DOT? I actuall failed twice thinking it was a fluke and then just gave up and walked to work.
It depends. If the DataMaster DMT at the police station or jail did not accept the sample, the officer could have...
I have to go to court for an OWI 1st offense.
If I plan on automatically pleading guilty do I have to hire a lawyer?
You do not have to hire an attorney if: 1. You do not care about any potential defenses you may have. 2. You...
Leaving country before 3rd DUI trail or face charges?
Had previous 2 OWI (alcohol) and now have a 3rd DUI marijuana facing. Gave urine sample at time of arrest. I am afraid I will get 5 years prison. What would happen if I left the country prior my 3rd DUI trial? Will warrant be issued against me outside of United States?
Would you be coming back to face the charges? If not, then yes a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Whether or...
If waiting on pending lab results for a OWI charge in Iowa,how will results be answered either way of outcome of lab results?
my boyfriend got pulled over for poor driving an failed field testing an then charged with possession of drug paranalia and possession of marijauna 1 st offense,and complied to do a urine test,the urine got sent to the DCI lab to be tested so there is a OWI charge pending that result,if positive or negative results how does he recieve his notification of charges?
Once the results are complete, the lab will tell the prosecutor, who will then either tell your boyfriend's attorney or...
Can a person just hold up s sign when pulled over or at a DUI or DWI check point
I REMAIN SILENT NO SEARCHES I WANT MY LAWYER Please put any tickets under windshield wiper. I am not require to sign - §318.14(2). I am not require to hand you my license - §322.15. Thus I am not opening my window. I will comply with clearly stated lawful orders
I'm not licenses in IA, but this method has been successfully used in several states and there are even downloadable...
Im being charged with owi 3rd but I feel I have a very good case against it. Would very much appreciate legal advice.
I live & was charged with owi 3rd in Iowa. There is NO evidence against me except the cops testimony at trial. My current lawyer got a motion to suppress the video at the police station & there was no video unit installed on the cop car. I contested my license revocation via a phone trial with the DOT & the judge ruled in my favor stating that I did request a lawyer & the cop didnt give me one as he was sposed to per 804.20. On the video I am recorded telling him verbally several times that I WOULD take the data master test but he wanted me to sign a paper that I didnt understand which is why I asked for a lawyer. He got mad & took the paper back from me & I never did the data master as a result. Theres more important aspects to the case but space is very limited here.
The test refusal is suppressed. That doesn't mean there is no evidence. People are convicted for owi based on testimony...