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Do minnesota probation officers use etg urine test for unsupervised probation?
I have been on unsupervised probation for 9 months and never seen or heard from a probation officer. I live about 3 hrs from the county where my probation was issued. If I go on vacation out of the U.S. and have a few drinks and come back do they use random etg test for unsupervised probation as I have read that alcohol can tested for up to 100 hrs after your last drink
It depends on the county you have probation in as to whether they use Etg testing. Etg testing does go back in time...
How can I obtain a work permit?
I received a DWI on August 4, 2011 in Fargo, ND. I live in MN and have a MN driver's license. I was originally told that I could get a work permit on October 24, but when I went there today to inquire about that, I was told to call the MN DVS. I did that and the gentleman I spoke to told me I could not get a work permit or my license back for six months. However, he told me that if I lived in ND and had a ND driver's license that I could get a work permit. My BAC was .19. How do I go about obtaining a permit so that I may drive to and from work? Thank-You! Andrew Olson
You should contact a ND attorney. This issue has more than likely come up before. They should have the experience to...
I am faceing my 5th dwi faceing 3 years prison...want to flee to caribbian...i am framiliar to their. have passport and 10000
2 felonies dwi
At the rate you are going you will do no better if you flee the country. If you are facing prison and not yet...
What are the chances of getting a DWI off your record when accused of a DWI with BAC of .16 ?
Was pulled for a swerve and blew a .16 after having taken but not failing the initial field tests. Was brought to jail for the night.
Slim without an experienced attorney. Give some a call. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab at the top of the page...
Is there anyway I can minimize the consequences of my dwi?
There was somebody that called me in to the police. I was sitting in my friends parking lot at his house. The officer never saw me driving, he just rolled up as I was sitting in the car with the keys out of the ignition. He breathalyzed me and arrested me for a dwi without saying the Miranda rights.
Obviously, hiring an attorney is best thing you can do. Perhaps, you have defenses or factors that may minimize the...
Out of state DUI and probation ?
I'm being charged with first time DWI, and my first court date isn't until the middle of July. I'm also a airline pilot. How will the courts handle probation and my ability to freely travel around the country? Surley the courts will understand they cannot restrict my travel and I cannot randomly show up to take a drug test if I'm away for work. Also I have a interlock and I unfortunately blew over the 0.02. This happened at 4pm... I thought after 14 hours after drinking I would sober up. Apparently not. I received a letter stating my interlock is being extended an additional 90 days. Since technically I'm not on probation yet, would this have any effect on my sentencing and what type of probation I'll receive?
Travel restrictions can generally be avoided in a first time DWI case, however, every case is unique. You should...
I got a DUI in November.
I blew twice the legal limit. I can't afford the interlocking system. My car has a no plates on it they were pulled the night I got the DUI. The DMV won't let my mother get regular plates even though she wrote a letter saying that I wouldn't be driving any car. She is making the car payments and would like to be able to drive the car. I tried to call Drivers License Rehab in Minneapolis. But I the number isn't working and the Web site is down. Can anyone please help me?
If you are the registered owner of the vehicle it doesn't matter if she is making the payments. She cannot drive the...