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Can i get this dui dropped?
back in 2010 on 5-28 or 5-29 i got a dui it was a friday i bailed out the next day went to court that monday didn't sign any right to a speedy trial away and got put in jail some place else so i told the first court i was in another jail so they set a court date for 9-8-10 or something like that i know the date was set for 7 days after the 90 day right to a speedy trial oh and the other jail was a trible court case so that don't hurt my dui case i think it won't anyway.
I ma not exactly sure what your question is. But, if you are asking whether the case will be dismissed based the...
I was arrested for a DUI in the state of WA. The charge was dropped and refiled as a neg 1. Will this affect entry to CA?
Date of charge May 2014, Case resolved July 2014 in pretrial.
Entry into Canada or California? Assuming you mean Canada, consulting the US border protection or Canadian border...
Can I expunge my minor dui in Washington state?
It was 2 years ago when I was 19. Finished all court requirements and have had no other offenses since then.
I believe a minor DUI can be vacated but you will need to wait longer
Can a hospital take a sample of my blood without consent?
I was arrested for a DUI. After blowing positive with a BAC of .118 I asked for a blood sample to be taken from a hospital. Once at the Hospital a nurse drew my blood. Then, a phone call came down to her. After the phone call, the nurse took my blood samples and threw them away. I was informed that I could not give my consent to a blood draw, and that they could only take my blood with a doctors order or an order from the police officer. The police officer refused to give the order for a blood draw because the department would have to pay for it. I was then given a form to sign to consent the blood sample that had already just been taken. I refused to sign since they had thrown my sample into the garbage and ruined evidence for my dui defense. Can this be considered medical malpractice?
When you asked for the blood sample to be taken did you have the funds to pay for the test? I don't know anything...
Will a non-DUI related Reckless Driving conviction stay on my Abstract of Driving Record in Washington State for life?
I was convicted of Reckless driving in 2008 (it occurred in 2006) and I have read mixed info regarding my driving record. This was not a reduced DUI charge. I thought I read that items have a 5 year record, but also read some (DUI) will stay forever. What about other Reckless convictions? If I have the conviction vacated, does that not help me either? How screwed am I on EVER getting a job requiring driving? Specifically, the Fire Department. Would this show up if I moved to Oregon as well? I'm asking specifically about the Driving Record, not criminal history.
A Reckless Driving conviction is a criminal conviction (I am correcting the practice area to criminal defense) and it...
Should I get an attorney?
Booked for a dui, blew a .29 but also had blood drawn. I am pre trial but have an interlock and random pee tests already. Have a neg 1 from 2011.
It is always a good idea to get a lawyer. The mandatory minimum on the facts as you presented them is 45 days jail plus...
I have a WA license can I switch my license over to ND and get my CDL with a pending DUI?
I got the DUI in WA but I had a job offering in ND and had to come out here for the job the jobs requires me to switch my license to ND and get my cdl will I be able to do that
A pending DUI should not have an effect on your ability to obtain a CDL license as it is not yet a conviction. The...