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Dismissed Dui, will they refile?
I was arrested for refusing a field sobriety test on a probable cause dui. I submitted to the station breathalyzer and blew a 0.03, however was imprisoned for the night and went before a judge. The state prosecutor laughed and said "your honor we are dismissing this case, I haven't had time to file it". The judge released me and I paid no penalties. The paperwork says all future court dates and issues are removed, but to be aware the prosecutor may be able to refile. So what can I expect now, being that my BAC was .03 and it was dismissed, I do have a prior dui reduced to negligent 1.
The judge stated that the State can refile. You need to keep an eye on this to see if they refile.
If I was in a car with a drunk driver with children how do I know if I am being charged with anything?
Long story but we live in Washington this happened in Idaho
Since "this happened in Idaho", you need to talk with attorneys in ID whether you can be charged with anything under...
Are field sobriety tests normally not administered when you're accused of resisting arrest?
When I was stopped by state patrol they said I was resisting arrest, I don't believe I was, the whole arrest is questionable right now from p.c. to the breath test and no video, but I was told Thats not a big deal, I sure think it is! My public defender is looking into it. Anyway, since they used force on me to get me out of the car, so due to that, they did not administer field sobriety tests. Im just curious if this happens much, and what lets them make that decision. It seems like evidence that they would want to build p.c. It says in the dui report that is why they weren't administered. My public defender isn't much help. I have trial on the 22 and I've had one meeting with attorney. I do not feel prepared. Hoping maybe to get it lowered to a reckless driving or negligent driving if we fight do out the arrest was good. But my BAC was high, but impossible for it to have been that level at the time of driving. I know that the incident with being forcefully removed made my adrenaline rush and caused level to rise, fast. Wish I had the money for a dui attorney : ( Lack of money. Thanks!
I understand that you are reaching out to try and get some legal advise on your DUI case but really there is no way for...
In 2010 my son got a DUI. now 7 years later the state is garnishing his check is this legal?
In 2010 my son got a DUI he spent quite a long time in jail because of it went through all their classes. He is trying to raise his 9 year old daughter and is just making ends meet and this damn state wants to take up to 25% of his check he only makes about $600 a month before taxes
If he did not pay for his obligations the amount can be collected as a garnishment. Usually the probation is not ended...
How will my court hearing go if I was not booked for DUI?
I got pulled over for going 47 in a 35 going through airway heights. The officer did the basic procedures then asked me to step out of the vehicle and we began FSTs. When finished I took a breathalyzer test and blew a 1.05 to which I was apprehended and placed in the vehicle. Went back to the station where he asked me some more questions and also administered 2 more breath samples with the Alcotest 9510 which I blew .079 and .077. At the end of it all all he said was he was going to give me a speeding ticket and a court hearing for my DUI. I was not booked, no finger prints, no picture.
Most defendants are charged, tried, and perhaps convicted without having been previously booked. You should be...
No probable cause at arraignment but now probable cause hearing. Why if no reason for the arrest on dui?
Arrested for dui taken to jail and arrainment. Judge stated no probable cause but then sent court date for probable cause. I am confused if they already stated no probable cause
If no PC was found at arraignment, that does not necessarily mean that there was no reason for the DUI arrest. It may...
Unsupervised probation yet I have to show up to the probation department for a treatment plan.?
I live out of state and have not heard back from probation on if I have to fly in for this meeting. What happens if I don't show up? Please don't answer if you aren't licensed in WA.
Not enough information here to give you a specific answer. You say you're not on probation but someone told you to...