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    Sunday Oct 1 | via Kane Co. Chronicle 

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Oswego Law

I failed a random drug test for marijuana but did not take or do any marijuana . Never failed a drug test in 20 years
I am required to go through a SAP counseling program what if I deny doing any drugs in the program
It's not clear that your question related to a DUI offense. It is possible that you have selected an incorrect legal...
I failed a BAIID test, please advise.
I recently had a dinner party at my home. I consumed approximately 5-6 glasses of wine, ending at about 1AM. I waited until about 1030 am to submit a test in my BAIID machine, and failed. I received a letter stating that my BAS was .087. How is this possible? What steps should I take? I am literally at a loss for words, I need to be able to drive for work.
Not nearly enough info. Are you on supervision? Just on an an MDDP. What level are you? Are you on a "no alcohol"...
When does revocation due to DUI actually start?
I was recently convicted of dui. It's my second arrest, but first conviction. I know I will be revoked for a minimum of 1 year. My question is will the letter I get from the SoS show a starting date for the revocation that is set for AFTER the letter is sent out, as was the case with the SSS letter they sent? Or am I considered revoked once my paper work hits their system. If thats the case, how would I know exactly when my revocation starts?
Yours is an administrative question for the Sec. of State and this is a general legal Q and A forum. Call Jesse White'...
Question about RDP eligibility
Does all of the community service and all of the fines have to be paid before I can request a hearing for an RDP? Or is it only necessary to have everything complete when I'm asking for full reinstatement?
payment of fines and community service our court matters, a restricted driving permit is issued by the Secretary state...
What can happen if the court drug test me for thc an it's positive?
So I smoked before school and Somone snitched so I admitted to it an the police called me and my paternts a week later, by the way I'm 16 and we went down to the PD and I admitted it to him to so he said I was being charged with possession of cannabis(marijuana),there was no marijuana left but they took a test on the pipe I used and found thc on it. He then said he was writing a referal to secratery or something and they would contact me in 2-3 days but it's been a month and half are they going to contact me or not? He said it's not court, it will be in a little room, if I'm pleading guiltly will they drug test me that day and what can happen if it test positive, also if they contact me to meet p with them will they in a couple days or weeks when they call or is it right after they call
Sounds like they are only charging you as a juvenile, if at all. When I answered the same question once before, I told...
In kendall county, illinois what is is the consequence for failing the last drug test on a misdomeaner?
Has passed all but last test.
It is a probation violation.
How long does IL Mandatory Suspension stay on record?
Last year I was charged with a DUI at a roadside checkpoint. The DUI was thrown out, and I was convicted of improper lane usage. I was given court supervision, and the improper lane usage is now off my record. I completed the IL mandatory summary suspension. I have nothing else on my driving record. I am considering moving to another state. Will the suspension history cause problems getting a license in another state? Does it stay on my record, How long?
The summary suspension will always be a part of your Illinois driving record. As should the supervision for the...