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My 19 yr old son got a speeding ticket and an .02 supsension. What is the best route so he can drive to work?
Should we fight the suspension or waive so he can drive? What steps do we need to take next? How do we apply for his hardship license? I have no idea what to do now.
Contact a criminal defense attorney immediately to help guide you through the process. He has 10 days to get a hardship DL.
If my fr-44 was cancelled when I thought I no longer needed it will the 3 years start over?
I had fr-44 for a dui and I carried it for 3 years and didn’t renew because I thought I was done now I got a suspension notice in the mail 3 weeks later. If they make me get my fr-44 reinstated will I have to carry it for another three years or until the date they now claim I needed it until which is a week away?
You owe DSHMV three children consecutive years of FR44 level insurance coverage. If you had it for a full three years,...
Out of state owi in a semi truck?
I have a Florida cdl I got a owi in Iowa will Florida suspended my license even if adjudication is withheld I haven't taken the plea deal yet it's my first offense
Eventually FLA will be informed. As your profession relies on having a license, I urge you to get an attorney to...
If I wasn't convicted of a DUI but have to take DUI school is that on my record and or effect my insurance?
I got a DUI in March of 2012.. I blew in the breathalyzer.. I left town before my court date and had a warrant out on me.. Long story short a friend of mine is great friends with district attorney.. He made a phone call and I found out last year that in 2014 all charges were dropped.. I moved back to Florida went to get my license back and found out I have to do the DUI school...
You had better hire a lawyer to find out exactly what was done with your case. Your call may have been answered...
Is it possible to get a DUI case transferred from Washington to Florida?
5 yrs ago, a friend of mine received a DUI in the state of Washington, but had to move to Florida due to hardship and homelessness before the resolution of the case. His BAC was 0.077 upon arrest and the legal limit is 0.08. They didn't file charges until 7 months later. Is there a way to get it transferred from Washington to Florida so he does not lose his home, possessions and like of income? That way he can get it taken care of and it's no longer hanging over his head
Florida does not have jurisdiction over a Washington case. What he needs to do is hire a lawyer in Washington, and that...
Do i have to repeat the DUI class if I have already taken it 5 years ago?
I completely did everything the courts ask me , now the motor vehicle office is for a DUI class, do I have to retake after 5 years
If you have taken the classes, provide proof to DHSMV. There may be a counseling component that is still open. I can't...
Can a confidential informant contact the defendant off the records before the person is prosecuted ?
A friend was set up by a CI and later contacted by the CI questioning about drugs with out police knowing. Is that legal?
CI's are people and like any other person they "can" do whatever they want; some thing's lawful (within the guidelines...