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arrested for DUI no conviction
Under NH law, a person who has not been convicted of an offense may immediately petition the court to erase the record...
I was pulled over for having my high beams on as I was driving my friends car he said he smelled marijuana I claimed I didn't know because it wasent my car. He got my friend to give him a ash tray in the back that had a very little roach and a grinder with little res in it. Because I was the driver he arrested me With possession of drugs and a class b misdemeanor. Because i was so cooperative he said he would write something down so it didn't screw with me financial aid. And gettin a lawyer isn't a option I don't have the money what should i do plead. I got stuck in a unlucky situation
Ask for a public defender.
I thought the date was aug 18 but it was aug 8. what should i do?
The court likely issued a warrant for your failure to appear on the 8th. The good part is this is not the end of the...
I was put on probation for 2 incidents that occurred in Florida (adjudication was withheld, so I wasn't technically convicted but still got probation). My probation got transferred to my home state of New Hampshire. I recently got a DWI arrest (first DWI) here in NH. Will I get sent back to Florida to do the rest of my probation there, or get sent to jail in Florida? Also, my probation officer says he does not want to violate me, but he says it is "out of his hands" and someone in Florida will decide. Who decides this?
Generally, the NH probation officer will contact the probation department in Florida and advise it of your recent...
ive got to spend my 3 days in jail and then go to a mop. if they cannot accomidate me there what other approved programs are there
If you are being ordered to jail for 3 days and MOP then you are dealing with a DWI2nd or aggravated. In either event...
back home for the summer–which is across the country–and I do not have the money to purchase another ticket! I understand that hiring a lawyer would be best, but I am not financially stable. I'm a freshman in college. What do I do?!?!?
You can file a Motion to Continue your hearing with the Court explaining the situation and see if the judge will...
My BAC test 25ng/ml is that within the legal range for opiates? Also, they used blood. They tested wrong drug I don't take Oxycodone I take Hydrocodone. I don't have lab test report only results because I think they know I'm within the legal zone. They are trying for a DUI. I need to know because I'm killing myself to find the legal cut off levels. Any help would be appreciated.
Sounds like you need a criminal attorney. If you have a prescription, that may help some. However, every prescription...