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My girlfriend is on third DUI, I'm wondering if she is allowed to work as a bartender since she will be on probation.
She is just about to be convicted of her third DUI and she has went through all of the alcohol therapy classes as well as AA. She has been doing great with sobriety and that is her only source of income, allowing us to live at our current residence. I'm just curious if she should quit and find another job.
Oft'times, courts setting bond on OWI offenders will prohibit them from being in bars, but exceptions are sometimes...
What can I do?
I got convicted of 2nd offense owi with causing bodily harm I have a lawsuit against me for 43 thousand dollars I had set up 2 payment plans on it in the past but due to financial problems I had to stop.now I want to set up another payment plan but they say I gotta have ten percent down and high monthly payments I only make 12 bucks an hour and I pay child support for two kids I can't get my drivers license back unless I make payments to them I need advice please
You sound like you need to talk to a bankruptcy attorney.
Is there anyway I can get my ticket reduced so I do not get my license suspended?
I had three drinks from 6-9 pm and stopped because I had to take friends home. We left at around 10 and it was only a two minute drive from one dorm to the other. I accidentally went the wrong way on a one way and was pulled over for that. The cop could smell alcohol so I was honest and told him I had been drinking so he put me thorough field tests, which as far as I know I passed. He put me under arrest and took me back to the station to take a breath test which I blew a .06. I was given a violation against the absolute sobriety law and have a court date in June.
If it is a violation of s. 346.63(2m) the 90 day suspension is mandatory upon conviction, so the only way to avoid it...
Do I have to pay the ticket?
I lost my CDL do to an owi... My employer knew and still made me drive vehicles that require a CDL .I got a ticket while working for driving without a CDL. Is this on him or me?
Actually, it is on both. He may face separate criminal penalties.
Petition for husband after 2 deportations, 1st deportation DUI in 2008, second 2014, possible???
Last year my boyfriend was arrested on a domestic violence call when we were fighting the charge got dismissed but he was already deported. I shortly after found out I was pregnant with our 4th child while he was on ICE hold the ICE officers said they still had to deport him due to his previous deportation and we were not married yet. I went to Mexico to marry him and now after enduring a difficult complicated pregnancy I want to petition for him. We have 4 kids (6, 2, 1, and 1 month old). Our 1 year old has some health issues we are still trying to find out what is wrong with her and having to be alone with our kids is emotionally and financially difficult. I can't imagine raising my kids alone while he is so far away we had our family and now I am a single mother trying to make ends meet
Just on your facts it is not good news. There may be the slimmest of chances - for example that he is a citizen but...
Is it legal for cops to give you a breathalyzer test and not tell you what you blew, they just write you out a ticket?
I was at my friends camper and cops showed up for a loud generator complaint and ended up making me take a breathalyzer test and I didn't have a drink or anything near me. They then made me get in the car and didn't tell me where I was going. We ended up at the police station and they wrote me out an underage drinking fine. I have no idea what I blew and they did not tell me whether or not I lose my license. I just want to know if I can fight this.. The ticket was $400
First- nobody can MAKE you take a breathalyzer- if they do, that's against your consent, and therefore a 4th amendment...
What are tips to getting an underage off my record? Should I plea guilty in court?
I recently got an underage. This technically would be my second, but It said that it was my first offense. It said that I refused a PBT, but I did not. I tried blowing it twice. I was by myself walking on the sidewalk, trying to walk home.
Pleading guilty would be the least effective way to keep this off your record. The most effective would be to contact a...