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absentia six weeks ago, gave me what I have to do, but isn't clear about abiding by GA laws or IN.
Your question is a big confusing. You handle the DUI by hiring a GA attorney, which it seems as though you already have....
I received a DUI in 2010, failed to appear in court and was given a bench warrant, the warrant expired and they suspended my license indefinitely. I want to go to court and get license reinstated, but I'm scared of what might happen.
Warrants rarely expire. Are you sure the warrant expired? Anyway, the judge will not be very pleased that you chose...
My husband got a breaking and entering class d felony back in 2007. He had no priors and nothing since. He did not have a good lawyer, even the judge said that. It was a family friend who didn't know criminal law. I have been told it should have dropped to a misdemeanor. He made a mistake and did the time for it and we would like to know if and how to go about this.
Speak to a local DUI lawyer who specifically does DUI cases. Most give free consultations.
plead guilty to 1st offense dui in Michigan. I intend to comply with all court ordered fines and penalties . I do feel I should have to pay this fee because I intend to never drive in the state of michigan again . I live in Indiana.
Nice try. Yes, they can, if you were court-ordered to pay it. Pay the fee.
I have a restricted Michigan License for a DUI I got in 2010. I have another year before I can appeal to get a full license. My company is transferring me to Indiana. I want to know what I should do. I am afraid to tell Michigan I am moving because they may take my license away completely and Indiana may not give me a license because of my DUI in Michigan. What advice can you give me? Thanks
You'll need to contact Michigan and have them end your right to drive there and apply out of state for a new license....
hello i have been under probation sence last year i almost done but now i just got pull over for driving without license so now i don't know what its goona happen
You're likely to be found in violation of your probation and punished in some way. Get an attorney before you go to court.
Service required for an OWI. All fines paid just service required. 180 hours due but cannot do them due to lack of funds. Jobless and ony have 100 dollars to my name
Not sure if I understand. You are saying that you are jobless and don't have money, however you can't perform...