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can probation make you keep a interlock device in you vehicle after that have given you and the interlock company authorization
I received a written and signed authorization from the court and probation to have my interlock device removed..several days later I received a phone call from probation sayin that the judge just discovered that I blew a positive test on the device and want me to keep the device in my vehicle...is it legal for them to do that after I received legal documents stating the device is to be removed
A lawyer would need to review your file before giving you a definitive answer but in all likelihood you need to keep...
Can my probation officer talk to my lawyer to clear up my license revocation period?
I got a vechlicar assault 2nd judge said a year at my plea bargain but wrote down up to 24 months can't apply for a license
You keep asking this over and over again. DMV is going to follow the Judge's order. Ask your lawyer to get a revised...
Will my probation officer give me paperwork permission to drive when my revocation is up
I got a vechlicar assault 2nd judge gave me 1 year revocation but wrote down up to 24 months
You keep posting related questions about this. I suggest that you have a consultation with your lawyer or a lawyer who...
Will my probation officer find out if I got my license back without his permission to get it back does the DMV notify the court
I got a vechlicar assault 2nd judge told me year revocation but wrote down they can hold it up to 24 months DMV said it was revoked for 6 month and can apply after DMV revocation period is up
If you disobey the judges order and or probation's conditions, you can find yourself in jail. Forget whether or not...
Will my probation officer give me paperwork to give to the DMV for the go ahead to drive
I got a vechlicar assault 2nd judge told me a year revocation and wrote down 24 months
No. DMV is separate and is not bound by the judge's order. They are free to take away your driving privileges for...
Will the DMV inform my probation officer or judge if I'm eligible to get my license back
I got a vechlicar assault 2nd and the judge told me my license is revoked for a year but wrote down two years on my probation report but the DMV said I could apply after 6 months just wondering what happens next
You need to order the transcript of the judge saying one year as opposed to two as probation will not okay your driving...
Do I have a good case for trial?
I was arrested for DWI, DWAI, and a controlled substance charge. I did not blow any numbers on the roadside and the controlled substance was a result of my girlfriends mother leaving her prescription medication in my vehicle as to which she holds the note as the vehicle is an auto loan. Subsequently I was hauled down to the police barracks and was asked to submit to a chemical test. I never refused, but the arresting officer stated I did refuse. I have witnesses that state I was not drunk or high because they were with me during the arrest.
Much more information is needed. Were there sobriety tests? If so, how did you do? What was the reason for the stop?...