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I have a company issued car and have a 30 day suspension before having a restricted license . If my company thinks that it is even a possibility that my license isn't suspended, I may not lose my job. I can take vacation etc, and with holidays and work travel, I won't need to drive, however, just the fact that the state requires a suspension, does not look good and increases my chance of getting fired. is there EVER any exeptions, even though I know that I would not qualify. The restricted license is probably not a problem.
There is very limited exceptions for medical reasons however based upon the facts you stated it is unlikely..
I am considering taking a plea on my 3rd Owi to an owi 2nd. My attorney is supposed to get back to me by Friday, I am just anxious and I found this site. Can anyone tell me what the probation and license restrictions would be if I pled to an OWI 2nd? Jail time? These are the only criminal charges I have faced....meaning the owi's.
This is a question that will be best answered by your attorney because that person has or should have your unique...
I was arrested over 2 years ago for a DUI, and the case is still pending. I am searching for a new lawyer and should be going to trial within 2 months. I paid my attorney a good amount of money as a flat rate to include everything up til trial, with the agreement that if the case goes to trial, another flat rate would be paid. We were able to suppress a lot of key evidence, including all of my statements and the breathalyzer. The prosecution offered a plea bargain (careless driving), and I refused, because I have a very strong case that might actually win at trial. My attorney thought I should take the plea, and asked to be removed from my case (which the judge granted). It this reasonable and normal, or a violation of ethics?
Yes an attorney can move to withdraw at any time and if the judge allows it, which in your case they did. Are you...
My pretrial is still going on. My lawyer told me about this reduction today and I have to decide whether I accept it or take it to Jury trial that is scheduled in 2 weeks. I have a meeting with my lawyer next week, but I would like to ask other experts on this matter. Should I ask my lawyer that I can get reckless driving instead? If there are two options, impaired and reckless, Is reckless driving better option to take? One more question! (please answer this one as my lawyer says he is not sure about it) I'm in the process for my green card, is either OWVI or reckless going to affect my green card? Thank you.
Most Prosecutors/City Attorneys will not offer a Reckless on an OWI unless there are special circumstances (e.g.: low...
My situation is. I rented the in home breathalyzer Mach last Thursday. And on fri or sat I had to take the test. Well the machine read abort. I didn't take it again because I had to go to the bathroom right away for a long time. Anyways I took the test on Sunday and it passed. Well today I took it a pond myself to take the etg test for reassurance. Will I be considered violating probation?
So you missed two days of testing because you had to sit on a toilet? The ETG may cover you. But that is up to the...
Trying to end my probation requirements of AA, JAMS and car Interlock System. Have 10 months left on probation.
You should speak with your probation officer about this. If he or she isn't helpful, hire an attorney who is familiar...
I was booked for DUI BAC(0.09) got sentenced for 9 months of probation and 3x ETG/Month and DIP and Fess and Fine. I paid all the Court fines on the same day and i completed DIP on the same week . All my ETG are clean so far.i am in my 4th month of probation can i ask for early termination ,what are my chances .Reason is my Grandma is 93 and i haven't seen her or my family from 4 years so i have to travel to other country and i am also getting married and . I have to go for My Visa Stamping so if i am on my probation its hard for me to get my visa stamping and come back .I have a very good job and getting lot of new bigger offer in other companies and my Marriage everything is progressing in my life but due to probation i am holding back, it was in 53-4 district court Troy MI .
From my experience in the the Troy District Court, there is a possibility of early probation termination. However, it...