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My boyfriend is in jail for a 3rd offense DUI, how can I get him good time credit? He is a trustee at the jail he is in.
When he was sentenced by the judge he was told he was eligible for good time credit and should be serving roughly 56 days in custody. He turned himself in to Enumcalw jail and was given a release date of 01/05/15 he was then transferred a week later to Sunnyside Jail, the way I understand it is Orting where his most recent DUI is out of has a interlock agreement with Sunnyside Jail that makes it cheaper for them to house inmates on a longer term basis. When he was transferred his release date was changed to the full sentence and now is 02/01/15. He has bi polar disorder and is not being medicated in custody, I am worried about his well being and concerned that he is going to hurt himself now that he has to stay an extra 30 days. He is a trustee at Sunnyside and has nothing but good reports.
You don't have to do anything. The prison keeps those records and the Clerk of the Court keeps track of " good time"...
Can i get a global resolution for an 09 dui out of lynnwood, wa an a 08 poss of marijuana in federal way, wa?
I have a DUI warrant from 09 in Lynnwood, wa Snohomish county and a possession of marijuna under 40grams warrant in Federal Way, wa from 08. Just got another DUI in Tacoma, wa 2015. Taking a deferred prosecution for this one but want a Global Resolution for the others. Is that possible?
Global resolutions are always possible but become less likely when they involve multiple jurisdictions and when you...
Is my Department of Licensing hearing for a DUI or speeding?
I got pulled over in Washington for a DUI. I was arrested brung to the police station and then dropped off at home. The officer gave me three papers. The impound for my car. The ticket. And the Department of Licensing hearing request. I'm going to speak to a lawyer tomorrow. But my question is, why does the ticket only say I have to pay 310 for speeding? It says nothing about DUI. But yet I got a paper for the DOL hearing for DUI. Is it possible my lawyer can convince the judge that I didn't get a DUI but is losing my licenses for speeding only? Or is this all set in stone. I'm in the military and got arrested by civilian police off base. I don't want to tell them until after I speak to my lawyer. So do I have a DUI or speeding conviction?
If an officer pulls you over for speeding, you can be issued a speeding ticket. That is a different problem than your...
Probation told me I have to go to AA for my DUI in my deferral program. I am non religious and technically an atheist.
My probation officer told me I had to attend AA. There are no non religious groups in my area. Can my Probation officer still make me go? I am not religious and I am technically an atheist. I am on a deferral program for a DUI in Washington State. My probation officer told me I had to go to AA, and said that's part of the program, however I know people in my exact same situation that do not attend AA. According to my research and case law, the state cannot make me go to AA since there is a nonreligious AA in my immediate area. According to the AA website the closest non religious AA is in Seattle or in tumwater. I live in tacoma. Should I just go to court stating the establishment clause?
Serenity counseling in Fife is non religious
Can a breathalyzer test results change for a DUI charge?
I got arrested for DUI. I have a lawyer and everything and we are trying to get it reduced to reckless driving. I was just emailed the police report. It states that my breathalyzer results changed from .084 to .10 on the way the police station. Should I tell my lawyer? Can that actually happen, can the results change? Did the cop lie? Is my chances of having my sentence reduced better or worse? This is my first offense and have no priors I just want this to go away.
Of course they change. This is a HYPO and the measurements aren't meant to be realistic.... Example: Lets say a...
Is it true that a tongue piercing and/or implant dental work can cause the results to be inaccurate? I have both.
Was arrested for dui. The officer never checked my mouth before having me blow on the machine. If you have a tongue piercing, would you be asked to remove it before the breathalyzer?
Even if that were true, it wouldn't result in the test getting thrown out. It would go to the weight of the evidence...
Can you get kicked out of the army for a DUI?
I'm in the army at the Tacoma base in WA. I got arrested for a DUI by civilian police off base this weekend. He pulled me over for speeding and gave me a ticket. He asked me to walk a straight line and everything and I passed. Then he got the breathalyzer and I failed. Then he took me to the station. Then he took me home and have me a paper for department of licensing DUI hearing request. This is day 2 and I'm panicking. I need to stay in the army because my career is about to take off. I am a specialist in the army about to take an exam for a hire rank. Do I have to tell them? Will they kick me out? Will I lose my titles? Am I going to jail?
It is understandable that you are panicking, but you need to try to remain calm and go hire an attorney immediately. My...