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DUI with no evidence?
My mother was pulled over by a state patrol around a month ago. She was in a hurry and agitated from a bad day. The police officer told her he thought she was under the influence and asked to search the vehicle. She complied. He asked to search her, she complied. Her blood pressure was high, 160 over 80. They took her to the hospital and had blood tests done. No drugs or alcohol. She was not booked into jail. She was released. Now they are charging her with a gross misdemeanor. Can they charge her with this without any evidence of her being under the influence other than high blood pressure and pulse?
At this point a prosecutor has reviewed the evidence that the police officer has gathered and they believe that they...
How long can the state wait to charge a person with a dui? Its been months since the accident and we have had no info.
The accident was in February and it is July now and no charges filed.
If there was a blood or urine test, its possible that they state is waiting for the results, which often take months to...
If my license is suspended in Idaho for a dui, will Washington add additional suspension
This is my first offense. I refused the Breathalyzer. If I take a plea deal in Idaho resulting in my license being suspended will Washington add on additional suspension?
You should discuss with a Washington attorney, and I am not admitted in Washington. However, generally speaking a...
I have never had a CDL but I have two DUIs on my driving record. Can I still get a CDL or have I lost any chance of gettinn one?
It has been approximately 5 years since my last DUI.
It will be very difficult. Call DOL in Olympia and see what they tell you. 360-902-3900
What is likely to happen with a WA state vehicular assault and DUI charge ?
There are going to be 2 counts of vehicular assault and a DWI or DUI , and I was wondering what will happen most likely and should we hire a lawyer . Blood was taken ( results not back yet for CAB ) , neither passenger is pressing charges and their are no prior offenses .
You're looking at felony charges. The answer to the question "should we hire a lawyer?" is a resounding YES. You can't...
Can a serna motion be filed for my DUI?
I received a DUI in California in 2009. I went to court on the date on my ticket and was not on the calendar. I spoke to the clerk and she gave me a phone number and told me to call every week until my name showed up for court. After a couple of months I got a job offer and moved to Washington. A year later I got pulled over for speeding and the trooper told me my license was suspended. I can't afford to take the time off and go back to California and face possible jail time. It's been over 3 years and I need to get my license back. Can I hire an attorney to file the motion and would it be a good idea to do so? What would the estimated cost be?
Your post ended in WA. Since your case appears to be in CA, you will need the help of attorneys licensed to practice in...
Whats the penilty for driving without an igniton interlock when i am required to drive with the igniton interlock?
i got pulled over without driving in my vehicle that had an ignition interlock and i do not know what to expect in court.
I need more information to answer this question. Is your IID requirement a condition of pre-trial release, a result of...