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How do i get my license back after being arrested for Dui but convicted of drunk in public.
I just got out of court today with what was supposed to be a pre trial for my DUI that i was arrested for back in March 2015. I was not the driver but was at the scene and was intoxicated. According to my lawyer, the DA felt it had insufficient evidence to prove my DUI and did not want to "waste" the courts time and money so they dropped it to a drunk in public. How does this effect my DMV license suspension status? Ive tried calling the DMV Mandatory Actions multiple times, yet it says call volume is too high and to try again later. I'm just trying to figure out since i pled NC to the drunk in public and the court dropped the DUI charge is there a way to get my license back or will i still have to go through the 18 month class and have a 1 year hard suspension?
So it sounds like thieves your second DUI arrest in 10 years, if you are doing an 18 month program and have a hard year...
Does winning a dui jury trial reverse the California dmv license suspension no matter how many jurors vote innocent or guilty?
I was arrested for a dui back in march 2015, i was not the one who was driving i was just at the scene when the officer showed up. I refused to give up my friends name (he was going to get chains and a truck to pull the car out of the ditch.) So the officer performed fst's and arrested me based on the fact the keys were in my posession and the seat was adjusted to my height. Long story short i have a prior dui but i am fighting this because i was not the driver. I lostmy dmv hearing which was a joke to begin with and now my llicense is suspended. My lawyer said i have to have all 12 jurors vote innocent for me to receive my license back. Does a win even with a "hung" jury result the same with the dmv? Any help would be much appreciated.
If the judge or jury acquits you of vc23152(b) the DMV license suspension can be set aside.
23152 n 11550 second time
My friend got pull over for 23152 and 11550 she not drunk but she was DUI for drug and they take her to jail and she got a blood test they let her go before 48 hour does she need to tell the DMV within 10 day when she was out she got her license back and she also got the pink slip but when I ask one of the lawyer about it he said u don't have to call the DMV.
Yes, call dmv. We don't know for sure whether she had alcohol in her system. It's better to call dmv and request a...
Do I need an attorney for this case?
I was arrested for a dui but when they released me they gave me my license back and didn't issue me a temporary license but I still have to appear in court. What does this mean? Are they going to convict me in court? Is it a dui? And what is a arrest type f?
On the surface, it would appear that the BAC was below .08. Of course, there is no way to be certain based on the...
If the Judge or Jury ends up finding me not guilty of my 6 counts of DUI then how can they get me for breaking my original prob-
ation? My original charge that got me probation was a misd. lewd conduct with a minor under the age of 13. How can they send me to AA if I was Innocent in the first place? And if i go to jail for not doing my AA and they prove my innocence for the DUI's is there any apology i can receive for the time I served unlawfully?
Judge can order AA mtgs. As a condition of your release from custody. If you were released OR, then Judge can order...
I got a DUI over 2yrs. Ago never finished my DUI class or paid off my fine I have jury duty now will I be arrested ?
I've never been in trouble this is my first offense I just been financialy struggleing!
I would call your attorney who represented you on the DUI and discuss it with him or her before you go in for jury duty.
Duration of license suspension from dmv for conviction of 191.5 b
I was convicted of 191.5 b. misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter with out gross negligence while intoxicated. My question is, how long will my revocation last? The dmv said 3 years while research ive done said possibly 1 year. The court has ordered restitution and with no license a job will be difficult to get to let alone find and maintain. My town is also small with no public transportation. Also, if a full reinstatement is not feezable, would a temporary be plausible? Any help would be aappreciated.
I suggest calling the DMV manadatory actions unit at (916)657-6525. Good luck. Jasen Nieslen