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How will dui charges stack for boat offenses?
My friend has been charged with boating under the influence in California. He has 4 prior duis. His 3rd more than ten years ago. His last more than 7.
Please encourage your friend to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. He could be facing a significant...
Can i do weekend classes in visalia ca. Do to work out of town
I live in visalia ca. But i work in sanfransico
What type of classes? You should probably speak to your attorney or contact the public defender's office. Many DUI...
Do I need to still need to do my dui classes and get a sr22 to get my license back after having a dui for exactly 10 years ?
I got my DUI in Dec of 05, I never got around to doing any of my DUI classes because I didn't have the funds to do so. I never got a sr22 because I never had a car after my DUI. Pretty much I didn't really drive for a while and i haven't got anything on my record since. Now I'm trying to get my license back and buy a car, went to DMV and they said I still need to do my classes and get the sr22. Question is, should I just wait a couple more months till the ten year mark and save some money, or does that not even matter. Would I still have to do all those things to get my license back after Dec?
Only of you ever want to drive again.
Live in California Was Wondering If My Three DUI's will effect me getting a license in Texas?
But each Dui is about 6 yrs apart. Currently can't get a job here and risking driving without a license. Can I apply for a license in Texas?
You can apply for a license anywhere you want, but you can't escape your DMV history here in CA. Most likely, you won'...
I'd like to know if it's possible to expunge 2 DUIs (1999 and 2011) and a hit/run with property damage (2004) in California.
1203.4a states that certain vehicle code violations (VC 12810 a to e) are not allowed expungment as a matter of "right", but the court may dismiss them in its discretion in the interest of justice. My probation for the last DUI in 2011 will be complete on Nov. 29th 2016. Would I have to show that I have generally improved my productivity as a California resident/US citizen? I have built a part-time IT support service and started back a college to obtain a BA in psychology; I'll be at California state university in Fall 2016. By the end of my (2011 dui) probation, I will have completed terms of probation satisfactorily. Probation terms for the other convictions were completed satisfactorily, and I received my driver license back without restrictions in 2013.
There is no true expungement in California, but you can attempt to get them dismissed. With multiple convictions there...
Will I have to go to Jail?
2.5 yrs ago, i was convicted of a DUI. I had not been paying my fine and stopped going to my dui classes(1 class left). 2 weeks ago i called the court to make a payment and I was told i owed $2,150. They also told me i had a warrant for my arrest, stemming from failing to complete my classes, since last September '14. I placed myself on calendar and paid my court fine in full. Plus, paid the remainder $240 balance for my classes. Both the courthouse and AA program had my wrong address, but i never followed up until recently. I'm seeking reinstatement into the AA classes to complete them, to have my warrant removed and not to go to jail. What are my chances? Side note: this would be my 2nd time reinstated.
You probably won't go to jail but you need to correct his ASAP. Get to court and ask to see the judge. Better still,...
Hello I'm charged with DUI and Dui above .08 hit and run with damage and driving no license my 1st DUI was in 07,
left car on the side of the road after I hit a fence came home got a ride home 1 hour later cops arrested me my husband called them and said i was drinking. Any thougths on my out come i looking for a lawyer when i was booked only said DUI now online says hit run and dannage can that be charging me with more stuff? Thanks
It is impossible to predict an outcome without knowing more facts such as your BAC and drinking pattern. The District...