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  • News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

    Monday May 18 | via Jewish World Review 

    Didn't Go As Planned: Surveillance cameras revealed a man with a gun inside the Circle K in Palm Bay, Florida, on Jan. 31. Since the clerk was in the back, with the cash register locked, the man decided to wait for him -- for 17 seconds, according to the video -- but then, impatient, fled empty-handed. According to a February Ormond Beach, Florida, police report, Matthew Semione, 26, handed a holdup note to a Sun Trust bank teller, who walked away to get money.


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  • In the news

    Monday May 11 | via NWAonline 

    Patricia Church, 50, of Ormond Beach, Fla., who wrote a note to the White House in January in response to the State of the Union address, received a phone call from President Barack Obama, who wished her a happy Mother's Day and commended her for having raised four children on her own. Jimmy Carter cut short an election observation visit to Guyana, the 100th mission for the nonprofit Carter Center, which reported only that the former U.S. president was "not feeling well."


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  • Woman who stole high-end glasses sought, Daytona Bea...

    Apr 21, 2015 | via Click Orlando 

    A woman's penchant for pricey sunglasses has caught the attention of Daytona Beach police, who released security video showing her stealing thousands of dollars worth of high-end merchandise. Workers at local Sunglass Huts and Lenscrafters said Jennifer Morris, 21, of Ormond Beach, has stolen from them many times before.


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  • Suspect in Daytona flea market stabbing of guard sur...

    Apr 16, 2015 | via Daytona Beach News-Journal Online 

    Austin Lowther, the suspect in the recent stabbing of a security guard at the Daytona Flea & Farmers Market, turned himself in Wednesday night at the Daytona Beach Police Department, according to Volusia County sheriff's spokesman Andrew Gant. The 20-year-old Lowther surrendered just before 11 p.m. on arrest warrants on three felony charges: aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, burglary of an occupied structure and grand theft, Gant said.


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Ormond Beach Law

If I take my boat into international waters, does this mean that the legal drinking age is now 18?
Me and my Friends are 18 and looking for a legal way to consume alcohol and thought this would be a good way. It would be in the international waters off of Florida.
International waters are 12 miles from the coast, however the vessel is governed by the laws of the country in which...
Is there another device besides the interlock system for dui conviction. I drive multiple vehicles for work.
I have not been convicted as of now due to a continuance.. They did the continuance so the prosecution could find a device for someone like me that drive multiple vehicles during work to include a company sales car, box truck for deliveries and a van for repairs. Thirteen years ago I had 2 wreck less within 23 years (never work related) just from being out with friends and making a stupid decision to drive as this current situation. I cant pay the state if I don't work. Thank you in advance for any answers!
Do you have a lawyer? You haven't already plead have you? Are you charged above .15 blood alcohol content? Is that why...
Can fl override another state on how long you lose your driving privileges?
got 7 month no license on may 10 i could get mine back call fl to get my license back and they supened my license for a year from my last court date in wi which was feb 8,2013.fl said they can do what they want even when it didn't happed here I was charge with a owi back in sept in wi i have a fl license.i got time serve so i could get my license back on may 10,2013.so do i havn't to wait until feb 8,2013 to get my license back?? dorigirl1956@yahoo.com
If my son was arrested in new mexico with a dui but has an out of state license will the court go easy if blood test below limit
can he return to state georgia or florida could it be settled at an arraignment
You should repost this in the New Mexico criminal defense section. If your son is found guilty of the DUI in New...
Suspended license question
My friend got a DUI and her license was suspended for 6 months.Does he have to surrender his tags on his car? And does he inform his insurance company? I thought if you get a Dui reduced to reckless your driving privledge is not taken away? He had 2 priors 25 years ago. What are the penalties for reckless driving that was reduced,his public defender does not answer his questions. Thank you all for you help
There are 2 separate driver license suspensions associated with DUI. The first is an administrative suspension done by...
With 4 DUI convections, What State can I obtain a non restricted Drivers License?
For over nine years, I have possessed a Business Purpose License. I am required to remain in DUI supervision provided by the Volusia\ Flagler Safety Council. For Life. I have a Permanent Revocation.
Every state has different requirements.
In Florida & charged with DUI in 2001. I'm on SSI now. Can't afford costs/fees. What can I do to get license reinstated?
Had payment schedule. Still couldn't afford to pay. On SSI $828 owing. I did my 50 hrs. com. serv., completed Victims Awareness Program, I was recommended to do treatment but because of health problems, I haven't drank since 2001. I did pay some payments when I went to probation. Don't know what to do now.
I have bad news to tell you. They will not give you a drivers license until everything is done and paid. No exceptions.