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I was falsely arrested for dui in Orland. My breathalyzer was .000 and my urinalysis showed no trace of drugs. Should I sue?
I was on my way home from the doctor's office when I was pulled over by CHP. When asked to exit the vehicle I moved rather slowly due to back pain. The officer asked if I was on medication and I told him that I just was given a prescription but had not gotten it filled yet. After a breathalyzer and sobriety administered in the field, I was arrested and taken for more "conclusive" tests. After a battery of tests at the CHP substation, I was taken to jail and spent the night. During this whole incident I was very polite and compliant, yet maintained that I was COMPLETELY sober. He wrote in his report that I had taken Vicodin, which was not true.........I hadn't got the prescription filled yet. Of course my urinalysis and breathalzer reflected my 100 percent sobriety. Should I sue?
In order to prevail in a lawsuit against the CHP for a false arrest, you would have to prove the officer acted...
DUI Glenn Cnty, CA, urine tox. results 30 ng for Canabis Only, w/AIDS & legal RX, ingested 67 hrs prior not impaired
I am seeking local representation, that can help defend me in this catch 22 matter. I am by law allowed to use Canabis for my medical condition, yet the toxicology protocol in CA does not provide for a per se limit, therefore because of the findings of processed metabolites in my urine sample I am being charged wtih DUI, even though It was two and a half days since I ingested Canabis for appetite increasing. I was not impaired, was stopped only for speeding 84 in a 70 zone, on Highway 5 in Glenn County, officer used radar.
Welcome to Glenn County. I practice in this area (Chico is about 45 minutes from Willows) and have seen a number of...
How can I get my dui expunged?
I got a DUI back in 2009, I hired a lawyer and he got it dropped to a wet wreck less. In the DMV system it still shows a a DUI. How can I get this taken off my driving and criminal record if possible.
You cannot have it removed from your DMV driving history nor your criminal record. You may need to submit certified...
Will I get charged with a DUI?
This past weekend I got pretty drunk on a college campus with some friends. I got in my car (fully intending NOT to drive), turned it on, and warmed it up so I could go to sleep easier. A police officer came by and I got out of the car and started talking with him. He definitely knew that I was drunk but didn't breathalyze me or do any other sobriety tests. I asked him if he was going to write me up for anything but he said no since I wasn't doing anything wrong. He wrote down my information and then let me go. My question is will I get any unpleasant mail/notices regarding a DUI? While I wasn't driving I know I can still be charged with one because I was "operating" a car.
California is a "driving" state with limited exceptions to that element. You were not driving, your license was not...
How do I know if I will be charged with a DUI?
I was in a car accident where I drove into a tree while intoxicated. I went straight to the hospital and wasnt arrested or anything. They tested my blood at the hospital but how do i know if i got a dui or not?
The DA will review the evidence and make a charging decision based on the police reports for the accident and the...
Will I be charged with DUI??
The officers who pulled me over conducted the Initial test alcohol meter test. The small recipt that they gave me after firstchance showed a number that says 0.07(I am assuming that's BAC). Is it below the permissible limit? Will I be charged with DUI??
In Santa Clara county you will likely be charged with DUI. In nearly 20 years of practice I have defended numerous DUI...
What to do when you are wrongfully convicted of a DUI?
So a couple months ago my boyfriend was driving me to work, in the car was him (the driver), me the front passenger, and two of his friends in the back seat. I was running late so my boyfriend was speeding. We got pulled over and the officer took my boyfriends license, the registration to the car and the proof of insurance back to his car. The officer then comes back and asks my boyfriend to step out of the car. I could see in the rear view mirror that they were just talking. When my boyfriend came back to the car he told us that the officer just wanted to know why my boyfriend had not mentioned that he was on probation, he gave him a citation for speeding and we were on our way. My boyfriend has not paid his speeding ticket but yesterday he had court (not for the speeding ticket) and the judge brought up the speeding ticket and said that he had violated his probation by driving under the influence. Now, his new job is terminating him for "lying" on his application and not admitting to his convictions. So my question is: can he be terminated for being wrongfully accused? Also, how is this possible? I was there with my boyfriend during the time he got pulled over.
I'm confused. Is your question about a DUI or a speeding ticket? A person can be fired for almost any reason at all...