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What are my chances of getting my DUI charge reduced?
I was sitting in my car on the side of a freeway in Contra Costa County when I was approached by an officer and ultimately arrested for drunk driving. I was not asked to complete a sobriety test nor read my Miranda rights. At the police station, I was given a Breathalyzer and blew a .16. I believe I'm almost positive I heard the officer say that those results were not being recorded - does that make any sense? Finally, I am not from California and although I am currently living here for work, I was hoping to relocate at the beginning of next year (~five months at the latest) Any chance of this even being possible? I was very cooperative throughout the arrest and following events.
California is a volitional movement state, meaning that you must have been driving to be convicted of drunk driving....
Is it possible to put off jail time for second dui until after spring semester?
I was recently arrested for DUI in contra costa county, ca. My court date is Feb 19th during my spring semester in college. This is my second DUI (the first was a wet reckless in 2008 and the officer let me drive off). For this second DUI I involved myself in an accident on a backroad (thanks to some deer) and nobody else was involved and there was no property damage. When I spoke with the officers I was coherent and my speech was clear and the only thing that went wrong was the breathalyzer. After I was arrested, the officers told me that since I was coherent and cooperating with them, I had the option to have someone pick me up at the CHP station. My main concern right now is if I have to serve time in jail, I fear that I will get dropped from the semester for missing class.
First, don't assume that you're going to jail. Have an attorney review the police reports to determine whether the case...
Can i mail, proof for DUI related community service hours to the court ?
Had a DUI in California and was ordered to do 50hrs community service. I have since relocated to Georgia for work. I have completed the community service hours and have the document ready. Question- Do I have to make a trip to CA and submit it in person or can i mail that in to the court clerk and probation officer? Please advise.
I have changed the category, Good luck.
How to get the license back after a false arrest of dui
My girlfriend was driving and lost control on hwy 80, emeryville ca and hit an overpass. We got out of the car and chp assumed I was the driver. I had been drinking that night. At that time I was not a license driver and was arrested. We had evidence (pictures and video) from my injury and the blood in the vehicle that it was apparent that i was not the driver. My girlfriend had only a scratch from the air bag. There was no blood on the drivers side. Went to court and no charges were made. I was told by the public defender they would just wait out a year and drop the charges. That is what exactly happened. I later got a license for the first time in Florida. Married and living in california, I went to DMV to get a CA license and DMV told me my license has been suspended due to the DUI. I did not own a license at the time of the incident and therefore never requested a hearing.
CA DMV is likely the toughest DMV in the state. To get your license back, you're likely going to have a battle with...
I was asking is there a staute of limitations on domestic violence, not a dui. Why warrant didnt come up when arrested for dui?
The dui is over. Don't know how long the warrant was there for. It never came up in 2014 when arrested for dui. The domestic violence happened in 2010, it is now 2017.
Domestic violence can either be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Statute for misdemeanor is one year and three...
How do i know if the driver was still on search and seizure probation?
I was getting a ride driver stopped at store knowing he had a bowlo on his car. I told cops they did not have my permission to search my belonging or persons. Cop said he was on serach and seizure probation and he could search entire car. I told him I have rights. Later was told driver was not on search and seizure probation. When I got discovery only thing it says searchable prob dui thru. 8/3/15?
This is a fact specific question that should be answered by your attorney. If the driver was not on searchable...
How do i go about clearing my DUI from my background or what am i suppose to do to clear it?
I had a dui 8 yrs ago. I went to the classes provided and the AA class i just haven't got to the community service and my ignition interlock device was denied. In 2014 i was pulled over and found out i had a warrant for my arrest do to my dui i was sent all the way to L.A where it happen from Martinez, Ca. I did my time which was almost a week in jail so i thought it cleared out my Dui. Is there any way i can find out if it is?
There is no way to erase an adult conviction in California. You can apply for a dismissal under Penal Code ยง1203.4,...