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I was recently arrested for DUI in contra costa county, ca. My court date is Feb 19th during my spring semester in college. This is my second DUI (the first was a wet reckless in 2008 and the officer let me drive off). For this second DUI I involved myself in an accident on a backroad (thanks to some deer) and nobody else was involved and there was no property damage. When I spoke with the officers I was coherent and my speech was clear and the only thing that went wrong was the breathalyzer. After I was arrested, the officers told me that since I was coherent and cooperating with them, I had the option to have someone pick me up at the CHP station. My main concern right now is if I have to serve time in jail, I fear that I will get dropped from the semester for missing class.
First, don't assume that you're going to jail. Have an attorney review the police reports to determine whether the case...
I was recently pulled over for committing a bonehead traffic violation while driving through a parking lot late at night. The officer that conducted the stop put me through a battery of field sobriety tests, and then had me blow into a breath analyzer. I had less than .08% BAC, but because I was on DUI probation, I was cited for violating my probation. I wasn't arrested, but my vehicle was towed and I had to surrender my license. Several days later, I received a letter from the court, notifying me that the officer changed the charges from a misdemeanor to an infraction. What can I expect in terms of consequences with the court in light of this correction letter, with respect to my previous case that I was on probation for, and the DMV's actions against my driving priviliges? Thanks.
You may want to be a bit careful here. I suspect that there is something more here than is being presented. I would...
Found guilty in Contra Costa Co, Walnut Creek (now Martinez) on 7/25/2007. Have not been driving since and would like to drive again. All fees and fines paid for and have a current SR-22 on file.
No. That was part of the agreement. You wouldn't like it for the court to come back years later and say "I know we...
i was convicted of cvc 23136. i was in a solo car accident and was with another party and when the police arrived i did admit to driving but at first said no to any drinking. after the officer conduct PAS test he demanded that i tell him the truth literally yelling at me. is this a coerced confession? i didn't tell him based on free will, but due to the fact that he had an intimating demeanor and after the accident i was very emotional. is this new discovered evidence enough to ask a judge for a new trial?
If you didn't tell him then there was no admission and no coercion. Even if you did tell him he had all the evidence he...
5 months or through a whole 3-5 year probationary period, etc.??
I believe Alameda County is part of the pilot test program for IID . You would need to keep it on for 5 months ,...
i feel like my trail was not fair. basically i was in an solo accident and when the chp arrived i was standing on the side of my totaled car along with another party and the judge convicted me because of my extrajudical admission and that i was the registered owner of the vehicle to corroborate that, i also pointed out that the PAS test was unreliable because the calibration log showed the device had noted complications and that it gave results borderline results of .109! i feel like my due process was violated since the judge suspended my licence for a year and didnt take the fact the this property asset was taken an not enough grounds for evidence. my question is there a chance that the in the appeals process the judgement can be reversed? i am think of hiring a attoney. please help
Do you have any training in forensic toxicology? If not, and you tried to make that pitch, that's why it was...
i was in a rollover accident on the freeway and was with a friend, we both mad it out ok with cuts and bruises. S csr had pulled over to the shoulder and two people had excited the the car and stayed with us till the chp came. all the chp asked those girls is what happened and they told the officer that they pull over to aid us and called the police, they officer then let them go without asking anything like there contact information and a possible relation to us nor did the officer check there vehicle for other people of "possible drivers" i was cited in violation with cvc 23136 (a) and i apply the rule of corpus delicti in my the day of my trail? thank you!!
It appears that you are representing yourself. I wish you the best but I cannot offer you any legal advice. Good luck.