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How does a penndot blood test refusal appeal hearing work out when arresting officer tragically dies before trial.
My dui case was dismissed because the arresting trooper was tragically killed prior to the trial. I now have a penndot trial for the refusal. The trooper had the hospital nurse witness the refusal. However is his testimony necessary for Penndot to succeed in the liscence suspension. Thank you
First, I want to thank you for being respectful toward the officer's death. Although you did benefit from the officer'...
Why did the dmv suspend my license for a dui that I haven't been charged with
Got pulled over didn't submit blood but no charged have been filed
From the wording of your question it seems like you refused the blood test. If that is the case, PennDOT is not...
My wife is sentenced to 1 to 5 for a 3rd DUI in county jail,in p.a.Will she serve it all?
She also did not show up to start serving her sentence, but is in custody now awaiting transport. How much will this affect her sentence?
Your concern is obvious and in light of the fact that your wife failed to self-surrender to begin her sentence, your...
Should charges be dismissed
Charged with a dui and wasn't driving. Car was broken down. I called for help cause I was scared. No proof I was driving and I fully cooperated. Back was done by blood test over an hour after they came to help me well assumed and arrested me. Shouldn't charges be dropped?
The statute prohibits driving or being in actual physical control of your vehicle. The phrase "being in actual...
Does a DUI effect someone from getting primary physical custody?
The father of my daughter received a DUI 4 months before she was born. He is currently on 1 year probation and ARD with 30 hours of community service. How will that effect him getting primary physical custody?
Having a recent DUI can be taken into account by the court when deciding custody of a child, but there are 16 factors...
Attorney fees? What if you are now unemployed due to arrest?
Last night I was arrested for a DUI charge. However, there are many circumstances that do not make sense and I am unsure of whether or not it can be upheld in court. I was in a local store for almost an hour before the cops showed up for a verbal altercation that occurred in the store with a bunch of people. I did have some to drink, but not a lot. I snapped. I couldnt believe the things I was hearing. About an hour after police reports and what not, they made me submit a test to see if I was capable of driving home. I failed the test. Two hours after the fact that I 'drove my car' I was also in the store drinking while waiting on food. I even called for a ride in the store from my cell phone. They took me to the hospital threatened me with jail time if I refused the blood test.
You will get a lawyer appointed to represent you if you cannot afford counsel.
I got my second dui in huntingdon county,and i keep getting turned down for jobs because i have work release even though i didnt
go to jail yet.I was wondering if it was possible to get it switched to house arrest instead,or if its to late.my hearring is jan 27 2011
It may or may not be. DUI cases can be dealt with best by an experienced DUI attorney who has been through it a number...