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Citizenship and DUI.
My brother had a DUI in Philladelphia in 2014. In court he was ordered to attend some kind of school (3 times). He went to the school only 2 times. Now, in 2016 he is eligible to apply for US citizenship (has green card since 2010). He spoke to a lawyer who said he had no warrant so he can go ahead and submit form N-400. But I am skeptical. Please advice. Moreover, our neighbor was denied citizenship because of his previous DUI and has to wait a few years to show a good moral character. Is it possible that the immigration officer, during the interview, is not going to ask for any documents that prove that my brother fulfilled the court order? Thank you.
Your brother will need a PA criminal defense attorney to resolve that problem and an immigration attorney. Your past...
Can I qualify for DACA with 2 DUIs?
In NJ is consider a traffic offense, not a felony or a misdemeanor. One DUI happened on 2009 and the other one in 2012. I do not have any criminal record, besides that i meet the other requirements. I understand that is a discretionary decision upon who is reviewing the application in USCIS. I have read online that in some cases some applications with DUIs have been approved. What would happen if I still apply and the application gets denied. Would there be any actions taken towards me in the future?
You cannot qualify for DACA if you have two DWIs and if you apply you might eventually be detained by ICE. If you get...
How can I sue getting hit by a drunk driver but at the time I didn't have insurancd
I was hit by a drunk driver he was arrested for resistant arrest . I didn't have insurance can I still sue his insurance an him without dealing with I didn't have insurance I had to go to the hospital at the time I was 8 weeks pregnant How can I sue
Yes, you can still pursue a claim. We can't recommend specific lawyers in this forum, but you can use the lawyer...
DUI Arrest New Jersey (0.05%, No FP, Only Mug shots) - Dismissed in court - Applying for I-485 Adjustment of Status Application
What should be my answer to this question in I-485 form? Q)Have you EVER in or outside US a. been arrested, cited, charged, indicted, fined, or imprisoned for breaking or violating any law or ordinance, excluding any traffic violations and DUI’s? If YES - What are the complications? If NO - Can I confidently say NO to all other future applications too?
You must be honest when filling out I-485 form and answer all questions truthfully. It is not your violation that might...
What is my final charge?
Four years ago I recieved a DUI and was placed on an ARD program because jt was my first offense. Since, I completed everything required and had it expunged off my record. I will be graduating college soon and plan to join the military however I was told that one DUI can be waived but when I look at my old paperwork I have 3 different DUI charges. One is general that says ARD next to it, one is a combo. Alch/drugs DUI (I had marijuana in my system) it says "nolle prossed" next to it, and another reckless driving DUI that says withdrawn. What does this mean in the eyes of the military? Is this considered 3 DUI's? Is a DUI with marijuana in my system a drug charge or still a DUI? Any help is greatly appreciated! - Thank you!
You need to speak to a Pa. attorney. Nolle prossed is dismissed. Withdrawn is likely dismissed. Call the Pa. attorney.
Post Conviction relief DUI technical mistakes were made...
I have a situation where I have 4 DUIs I'm coming up on the first 10 years passing. But I want to look into post conviction relief. I know there are time limitations but I heard there are ways around that. My question is if there were errors in the paperwork is that enough to overturn a conviction? The 2nd and 3rd offence were heard on the same day and I was convicted that day. ( I was being held on a warrant) The judge had a public defender called in while I waited because he wanted the situation over and done with that day. There was no review of discovery or anything of that nature. Finally, there are mistakes in the sentencing. The sentence for the second offense was assessed for the third offense and vice verse paperwork wise. Does that mean anything? Do I have a leg to stand on?
I'm not clear on what your situation is--is your 4th DWI pending or do you already have 4 and have almost completed...
How do I/should I inform nj of a OUI that I received in MASS
I received an OUI in mass in September. I've already been to court in mass. I lost my license in mass for 45 days. I have since gotten my license back in mass. I live in nj and it is an nj license. Should I tell nj about the offense and if so, how do I tell them?
you really need to consult with an attorney that specializes in DUIs. this is because they are familiar with issue that...