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Do I need to hire an attorney for my DUI case? Am I looking at possible jail time? California
Pulled over for lane swerving, took the field tests without any issues, took the breathylzer test and the result was 0.12. Placed under arrest. No accidents or injury, first time offense. Am I looking at possible jail time once I go to court? No aggravating factors.
You can probably avoid jail, but you should still have a lawyer. DMV is coming for your license too.
Do you have to complete the drinking driver program and treatment if you don't want a conditional discharge ?
I had imposed on me a conditional discharge stating i had to attend a Drinking driver program, VIP, And treatment. If i don't have a car, and therefore don't need the conditional license, do i still have to attend the DDP and and treatment.
This question was posted under the wrong category. I am reclassifying it to DUI so that attorneys knowledgeable in...
What can i do if the dmv want to suspense my lisence because of dui refusal
I had done my dmv hearing on Dec 2016 on my dui case. At that hearing, the officer said i refused to do chemical test, ( actually i did it under warren). But i remember i did request for blood test not the breath test. When the dmv hearing result come out, i got a dui refusal and my license will get suspend for one year. What i can do if i think i do not refuse chemical test, and if i ask for seek department review , will that help to resolve the refusal and void the one year suspension.
You should sek DUI counsel with experience doing DMV appeals. This is not a do it yourself project. Good luck
License reinstatement
I was pulled over for 2nd DUI in Orange County 11/2014. My license was suspended February 2015 for 2 years. I just plead guilty to my my case in February 2017. The DMV sent me a document saying as if Dec 2016 I could apply for IID restriction and as of Sep 2017 I can apply for non commercial dui restrictions. Shouldn't my 2 year suspension be up by now?
You are going to have to call MAU (Mandatory Actions Unit) to try to get them to give you credit but by law, each...
DUI case and Live scan need explaining
I got my 2nd DUI last year. In Jan 2016, I agreed to 180 days of home confinement with half served starting in April. So I pre-booked when I needed to, and started the program but because of alcohol in some food I ate my Probation officer decided I wasn't following the program and arrested me. I served 21 days in jail which was the rest of my term. I'm now going through the background process for a job and the 21 days came up on the live scan, which is confusing the employer because it looks like a separate charge. I went to every court and probation person I could go to, but no one can really prove the jail time was part of the DUI charge for me and there's no paperwork that says it either. This job requires a gaming license so they're very strict, but how can I prove the jail time was for the DUI charge? Will the license be revoked by the US Federal government because of this or do they have access to see it's all together? How do I show the background agency this was all under one charge and not something separate?
The jail time was for a violation of probation. It was not part of the actual driving under the influence on the day...
If I was arrested for suspicion of DUI and bac came back 0.04 will the DA drop my case ? California
I was in a car accident I admitted having one beer almost 2 hours prior the accident t was deemed her fault when my blood came back at a .04 I'm just wondering if the DA is still going to file against me
Are you over 21? Any chance other substances are involved? How serious was the accident. OC is pretty tough on DUIs,...
$50,000 bail for driving on a suspended license
My husband got arrested today, Saturday, in Orange County, when we spoke he said they told him it was a $50,000 warrant in LA County for driving on a suspended license. My two questions are- isn't $50,000 for driving on a suspended a lot or is that standard? He had been on a payment plan for it and stopped a few months ago. Also, they said LA County has 5 days to pick him up. Do they usually take the total 5 days, and do they typically do inmate pick ups on the weekend? Thank you.
$50,000 warrant does sound excessive for Driving on suspended license. I have seen them around $15,000. However, he...