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What are the max penalties for first offense, DUI alcohol and drugs (vc 23152 a, b, f, HS 11550). Bac below .08.
What could the worst case be in California if charged with DUI alcohol with drugs. First offense, no prior, no criminal records. Mandatory jail time? Any chance of getting the DUI charged with alcohol to be reduced due to low BAC? More classes and fees because of alcohol AND controlled substances?
The likely worst case scenario is three (3) years summary probation, an AB541 (3-mo) alcohol program, DUI conditions (...
Hello, I had a DUI with a combine influence of drugs in 2009.
I am charged with a DUI and under the combined influence of drugs. Does the persecutor have to prove that I was under the influence of both alcohol and drugs in order to get a conviction, Also what element of proof is needed for a conviction.
The persecutor? That's funny, because criminal defense attorneys often call prosecutors that. The answer to your...
Is it unusual for DA to take over 10 months to file DUI charges for BAC of .11 and could that be a positive sign for my case?
I was sited for DIU 10 months ago with a BAC of .11. I was not charged in my hearing, was told we will let you know if and when charges are filed. Is that unusual and should I even attempt to call and inquire now or wait for 1 year then call or not call at all?
Unfortunately, it is not unusual. The DA often takes their sweet time in deciding to file and unfortunately you live...
Does being an alcoholic affect the outcome of my divorce? Can it be used against me? I have had two DUI and two accidents.
The DUI have been paid by a third party, not our marital incomes. I was emotionally, financially abused in my marriage (neglect, abandonment... ). Alcohol numbed the pain but progressed into a disease.
This was listed under DUI, when really it is a family law question. In addition, alcoholism is the only disease that...
I got a DUI in CA. What are my rights and what legal services are available to me?
I got a DUI in the state of California (first time offense), I have not been tried yet, because the DA's office has not filed my case yet... No one got injured or hurt, but i did total my car (hit the center divider and my car caught fire) and had a .26 BAC. Also, my car was not insured. The court keeps telling me to check back to see when my case has been filed, are they building a case against me? Also, i received a bill from the CA Highway Patrol saying I owe them $1100 for services provided because tax payers are not liable for that since it was a DUI.... Will they put a warrant out for my arrest if I don't pay them??
What legal services are available? You may either retain a private criminal defense attorney or you can appear in...
Do I need a DUI attorney?
I was detained because I blew 0.08 on the breathalyzer, 4 hours later they took my blood and now waiting for blood test to come back, court date a month way. charged with M vc 23152(A) and M vc 23152(B) i was released the following afternoon.
If in OC yes for sure, as they will prosecute .08% and under. But your case is better due to the .08 in the field and...
I was pulled over for DUI- police put in the report that the PC was dealer plates. Is this truly probable cause?
Is the fact that I had new dealer plates probable cause for the stop? Any reference to the vehicle code or case law would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.
The case I would direct you to is: In re Raymond C. (2008) 45 Cal 4th 303. There are others but this one will provide...