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Hello , Do the police officer has the right to look inside my wallet ( it was in my hand ) and ask about my other license?
The officer asked me to pull over, then asked for my driving license, I was visiting Ontario, so I gave my international DL that I used to rent the car from the airport, in addition to my G1 Ontario driving license that I got during a visit before. I was not hiding the G1 DL but it was in my wallet under another card, only little part of it was appearing. I was holding my wallet with my left hand, it was a very hard angle that the officer could see it. However, he looked inside my wallet saying, " I see an Ontario DL in your wallet, I need that DL " My question is, Does he have the right to look deeply in my wallet that way? if he had asked me if I have any other DL , I would tell him. But is that a legal way to do so ?
Yes, the officer lawfully pulled you over and saw the other drivers license in plain view. There is nothing illegal...
Can I get joint suspension?
Am I eligable for joint suspension with a federal charge for importation of majijuana on my record for which I served 33 months for that's ten years old?
I do not understand that question. you need to be more specific
Should I plead guilty?
I was pulled over for going over two lanes to get my exit , there was another adult in the vehicle they did a Breathalizer test on me and I'm not sure but I think it was .8 I have already missed the 10 day period to hire an attorney and I would like to know what my options are and if I should plead guilty
You can still retain an attorney and should do so. DUI is a serious charge with a multitude of serious consequences....
Does the DMV keep a record of the certificate of completion from DUI program?
I had a DUI 9 years ago. I paid the fine, did the program, took the certificate of completion to the DMV and got my license back. Now, after a traffic stop, I wound up in jail- had a bench warrant I knew nothing about. Apparently the school never sent in the completion certificate to the court. I cannot find a copy and the school told me they no longer have my records. Can I get that from the DMV?
If the DMV shows that you completed the class, it should be on your record. You can get a detailed print out of your...
Can I sign up for DUI classes early?
When I was released after 72hours without seeing a judge all I got was the pink temporary license with no type of court date. I blew a .09 and my blood was taken. I scheduled a dmv hearing but it's not until September. Can I sign up for the classes and get them started rather than sit around and waste time? Is there a chance my blood test can come back lower than .08? And can a DUI with an accident be reduce to "wet reckless" charge I've been reading about?
Absolute, you can enroll as a volunteer with a H6 print out from DMV.
I just recently got a DUI, but my DACA renewal is already in process, yet i still need my fingerprints. Will i be denied?
I have court july 6th north justice in fullerton First offense Paperwork for DACA was submitted last month I still need to go for the fingerprints. Should i wait or get denied?
Go to your biometrics. Work with a lawyer to see if your DUI can come down to a wet. or better. Don't overshare.
Do we need an attorney having been rear ended by a two time DUI
My wife was rear ended by a person that has a pervious dui this one makes two. The accident was witnessed by a LA SD motor officer. The dui subject tried to elude the scene. My wife was transported to the hospital via ambulance. She is experiencing back and neck pain
Sorry to hear that. First and foremost, you should seek prompt medical attention for your injuries. You should also...