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Can my driver's license be revoked for the same DUI case twice since i had already done without it for over a year?
i was involved in a dui accident which was my fault. the arresting officer petitioned for my d.l. to be revoked. i went from 10/25/12 to march 2014 without my license. fast forward to my court date on 5/26/15 where i plead guilty to the DUI. as part of my punishment, my license were revoked again. now prior to this date, i had a prior meeting with my p.d. where i told him i had already done without my d.l. for a year. he said they could not take them again. he stated this several times. now i don't understand why my license were revoked a second time for the same DUI when i was told they wouldn't be. i can handle the rest of the punishment but i feel i am being punished twice now with my d.l. being taken for a second time. if a mistake was made, how can i fix it?
I am not licensed in Tennessee, so I would advise you to seek advice from an experienced DUI attorney licensed in TN....
How does my ex-wife's dui affect me?
My ex-wife got a dui on a vehicle still in my name. Our divorce agreement says I must pay for the financing for 12 months but insurance is never mentioned. Can I cancel insurance on her jeep? She has to get an interlocking device and loses her license for a year.
You do not have to do anything that your divorce paperwork doesn't specifically require you to do. If it doesn't...
Can i get a job at Xerox with a DUI on my record?
I had an interview with Xerox, and they said if my background and drug test checks out, i would start immediately. But i have a DUI on there from 3 years ago, will this charge keep me from getting the job?
This is not really a legal questions, but a business decision by Xerox. They may or may not, but unless the job...
Can I get my license reinstated in TN after an out of state DUI(IN)?
I was convicted of a class C misdemeanor DUI in Indiana with no license suspension. TN suspended my license anyway. Not knowing this. I was arrested for driving on a revoked. I was found not guilty. Is there anyway of getting my license back in TN. Aside from getting a restricted.
One key question here is when you were convicted in Indiana. In the State of TN, a DUI conviction carries with it a...
Custody and DUI
If I have half custody now and received DUI's, can the other parent automatically get granted 100% custody, or would they need an attorney to pursue?
If you have the Court approved Permanent Parenting Plan in place then she would have to go through the steps to modify...
What can I do if I made a statement to police while drunk??
Police came to my friends apartment for a noise complaint and asked for everyone's identification , a girl had hers in her car , so they followed her down to her dads vehicle and found a half a roach in her ashtray , she said she didn't know who's it was. Meanwhile they told me if I left I'd get a p.i . They came back up and said if no one confessed we couldn't leave , also threatened my friend who's house it was to call cps . Apparently while I was drunk I made a statement saying "it's mine , I just wanna go home ". But it really wasn't mine and I vaguely remember the night . Nor was I even around the car , can they still put the charges on me ?
Contact an attorney. The attorney will gather the pertinent information and can advise you on your options and...
If you went to court for driving with a suspended license and was told to get your license before coming back to court but can't
I have two cases: driving with suspended licence and theft of property under 500. If you where told to come back with license but unable to do so but have proof of trying to get it done. What is likely to happen to you if you go back to court without your license?
They will likely prosecute you. I would get a local lawyer there and have them ask for a continuance. I know several...