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I was arrested for a DUI after filling out a job application. I have been offered the job. I don't know if I should tell them.
I didn't lie on my application and I haven't been sentenced yet so it's not on my record. I just need some advice as to what I should do.
Did the application ask about any pending criminal matters? Did it ask about felonies? Misdemeanors? If they did not...
How can I get my fiance out of jail
My fiance received 90 days for a driving on suspended first offense and for not showing up to court she turned herself in but her lawyer did nothing to help her what can I do
Little you can do if she's already been sentenced. Maybe can do a motion to modify the sentence, but you should try to...
Is there any course of action to take to remove a felony OWI third from my record?
I received 3 OWIs, resulting in a felony conviction, first in 2002 at 17. During this time period , I graduated from college and gained full-time employment. After receiving the OWI third, I quit drinking and have maintained sobriety. In that time I have received early release from probation and graduated with a bachelor's degree. I have put forth every effort to better myself, to no credit to the state of Michigan, I have become a reformed person. Expungement is not an option, can I appeal a prior OWI for a new result, challenge the constitutionality using the 8th amendment, draft legislation for introduction to the legislature, etc? I am desperate, the stigma, employment issues and loss of gun rights for a non-violent offense seems excessive. I am looking to hire someone if competent.
See the other answer I gave to your question. In short, the answer is no.
I wasn't giving a ticket for drunk driving but he took my license and jailed, reported to secretary of state for refusal blow
can they still charge me for drunk driving 2, and for refusal to blow but they took blood, they told my friends that they were releasing without bail, but now my license is suspended and my plate is taken. I was giving my rights or a tickett
Absolutely. In fact it is normal for blood draw cases for them to charge you much later, often times several months....
Sleep in a parking lot. Car was off too impaired to drive. Was a detained given blood test, told get ticket in mail.
Never received ticket in the mail. Two years later applied for a job and was told a warrant was issued for my arrest. Went to court told judge I never received the ticket come to find out it was mailed to an old address that I lived at twelve years ago and the address is not on my state issue license and was given a paper license at the jail with the correct address, and still have not seen the ticket. Have my rights been violated? This is a Michigan ticket
Your first step is to go to the district court house and get a copy of whatever ticket you were issued. Then take it to...
I am being charged with felony dui casuing serious bodily injury. Is my public defender helping me or the prosecuter?
A guy that was riding in the vehicle with me in the backseat got a t-12 chance fracture in his back. The accident was on 10/18/2014 and i did a pbt and blew a .013. The "victim" is now in the marines, he left for bootcamp in Feb. 2015. As far as i know he doesnt want anything to happen to me hes not mad he just wants to move on from it. The prosecutor has charged me with dui ser bod inj and my case was started in Nov. I feel i have a good shot at beating this case considering the circumstances and my public defender seems to think i dont. Prosecutor keeps delaying trial because the victim is in bootcamp and cannot testify. I was told by my public defender the prosecutor would move foward w/o the victim and now he wants to wait. I dont know what to do.
Ironically, the prosecutor is helping, as delaying your case is a good thing. The reality is that this is too serious...
What happens if ur on probation for assault/assault and battery and catch another assault charge while intoxicated
Just looking for a general idea on what could possibly happen.. This man assaulted my 62yr old father and he's already on probation for assault&battery and now we have pressed charges for this new assault charge
Obviously jail. Somehow this was listed under DUI when it clearly isn't.