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I was arrested for a DUI after filling out a job application. I have been offered the job. I don't know if I should tell them.
I didn't lie on my application and I haven't been sentenced yet so it's not on my record. I just need some advice as to what I should do.
Did the application ask about any pending criminal matters? Did it ask about felonies? Misdemeanors? If they did not...
How can I get my fiance out of jail
My fiance received 90 days for a driving on suspended first offense and for not showing up to court she turned herself in but her lawyer did nothing to help her what can I do
Little you can do if she's already been sentenced. Maybe can do a motion to modify the sentence, but you should try to...
Is there any course of action to take to remove a felony OWI third from my record?
I received 3 OWIs, resulting in a felony conviction, first in 2002 at 17. During this time period , I graduated from college and gained full-time employment. After receiving the OWI third, I quit drinking and have maintained sobriety. In that time I have received early release from probation and graduated with a bachelor's degree. I have put forth every effort to better myself, to no credit to the state of Michigan, I have become a reformed person. Expungement is not an option, can I appeal a prior OWI for a new result, challenge the constitutionality using the 8th amendment, draft legislation for introduction to the legislature, etc? I am desperate, the stigma, employment issues and loss of gun rights for a non-violent offense seems excessive. I am looking to hire someone if competent.
See the other answer I gave to your question. In short, the answer is no.
License restoration after 2duis and 2 dwls?
I currently hv revoked license...due to two dui convictions, although I actually hv 3 1999, 2009 and 2013. The first 2 were counted as 1st offenses! I completed sobriety court and probation without a problem and arranged a appeal in 2015 and lost! Up to this point I still had the baid device and didn't hv it removed for additional 6 months...no one at Secretary of State could tell if I should hv it cuz my license was showing revoked not restricted with baid! I would like to get my license back but now I am facing a 2nd dwls charge and this had been in the past 6 months...I am sober since the last dui and I do not attend meetings anymore for personal reasons! Both times I was pulled over was from simply running my plate on my car...neither time had I violated any roadway laws aside for dwls... is there any hope for my license to be restored?
States typically offer "conditional" or otherwise "restricted" licenses if you can establish that an actual or...
How intoxicated is to intoxicated
If a person has a sexual relationship with someone under the influence of alcohol or narcotics how impaired would a person have to be and what elements would have to be proved for a csc charge
The answer isn't cut and dry, but fact specific. If the person has ingested enough alcohol or narcotics to be mentally...
How can i get into Canada with a DUI on my record?
My best friend is getting married and has asked me to be her matron of honor. Unfortunately i have a dui from 6 years ago and my husband has one from 3 years ago. I really want to be there for her in person. Her wedding in next August.
From what I have read, it may be impossible, especially for your husband. DUi is considered like a felony in Canada,...
Will I get a dui in the mail?
I was pulled over for dd. Not given breathalyzer or had blood taken. I was put into a cab and sent home. This happened in Chesterfield michigan,but it won't let me put that in as a location.
I have no advice yet, but to engage an attorney. It seems very out of the ordinary.