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The vehicle shut off while driving... leaving the steering wheel to lock and no use of brakes... I was traveling at a high rate of speed when it shut off also starting to negotiate a corner... a had 2 drinks a few hours before that so I was not intoxicated... I was ejected... my passenger who owned the vehicle was not... however I received the worst of the injuries...there is a no contact order between myself and the passenger... this happened on May 30th 2014 and I still have not received any notifications from anyone what so ever... I believe whole heartedly that it was a manufactures defect that caused the actual accident... because I would have been able to make the corner just fine even at those speeds... It was not the first time this malfunction had happened either... I have no $$$
The only way you could possibly get anything from the manufacturer would be to hire a lawyer and file suit. If this...
I was pulled over cuz my lights went out I waited about an hour or so before leaving the bar to drive my job requires me to have a driver's license so what should I do to try to keep my license
You are in a very tough position. A second offense DUI is tough, and the State will not give you any favors. The...
I will be going to the doctors appointment if I have it because I do carry a lot of the symptoms that cause acid reflux
Yes, because it could be mouth alcohol (brought up by the reflux) rather than breathe alcohol that caused the result....
My daughter was facing jail time for repeated DUI. She didn't show up to court and skipped the state for 6 years, now has returned home to live with me. Can I get into legal trouble for allowing her to live in my home while there is an outstanding warrant for her arrest?
No. Although the police can potentially enter to serve the arrest warrant.
Drug possession/possession of pills and driving on suspended and dui
Without more information, likely three years for C felony possession, one or two years for misdemeanor or gross...
I got a dui last night in washington state. I was driving on a restricted license. I have a DUI I'm on probation for in California. What is / could happen?
You need to hire a competent criminal defense attorney in Washington state to defend the most recent DUI charge. If CA...
At the time I was traveling through Washington State with a valid Oregon License ( Even have the paperwork from DMV to prove it). Was pulled over for "driving in reverse on a road. It was a dead end in the middle of the night, no place to turn around. They asked for my license then I got to "walk the line" which I didn't do very well at. I got taken in for the night for DUI and suspended license. I did refuse to take the breathalyzer when I saw that it would suspend my license for 90 days regardless of what happened. I was fine with that. What are the odds of getting out of the DUI because they had it that I had a suspended license when it was valid?
The erroneous other charge will not get you out of your dui. However, it can be used to attack the credibility/...