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What should I expect at my MVA hearing?
I got a dui in montegoremy county md. The arresting officer took my license at the time and I requested a hearing. It's coming up in November but I have no idea what to bring with me or what to expect. This is my first time having any type violation with my license. I couldn't afford the lawyers I spoke with about my dui case so I don't think I'll be able to afford one for my Mva hearing. However, I really want to be prepared to put my best foot forward because my job requires I drive to different locations through out the week, I have a young child I take to daycare plus extracurricular activities, and I go to alcohol treatment classes for my dui. So if I have to represent myself, what are some things that will help me to at least get a restriction on my license rather then a suspension?
You "spoke to"... Did you MEET with anyone? I am assuming not. You have to be willing to undertake some effort to...
I got a DUI last night. i blew on scene and refused at the station. The officer also said he was waiting for us to leave ?
i pulled out of the driveway and not even a mile down the road he flies up behind me and pulled me over. after he arrested me i asked why he pulled me over he said speeding. I asked where he got me speeding he said he was outside of the house waiting for people to leave. I refused to blow at the station. is there any way to beat this DUI. its my third. the other two came back in 2007?
Anything is possible. However, there are many factors which determine the outcome of each particular case. Contact an...
Daughter got DUI while driving my car; wrecked it. insuror wants to speak directly to her. My car is totaled. What is my risk?
She is covered under her father's policy and is not on mine. She is a liscensed driver of legal drinking age. Breathalizer was over limit.
This can be a complicated question and it needs additional information prior to providing some guidance. You should...
I had my first DUI in Howard County last year? and now a 2nd one
I got pulled over by an under cover cop who was preying on me across the street where I was at. He pulled me over at 12:30 am with another undercover. I asked the reason of my stop he explained I did not stop at a stop sign. which was a complete lie, however I stepped out my car and made me walk back and forth on and on. he asked me to blow I refused . they searched my car and couldn't find anything . and put me in handcuffs took me to the station and I refused to blow again. he gave me a charge of driving while under the influence. WHAT is going to happen? is it bad I didn't blow?
You need a lawyer immediately. You have a short time frame to request a MVA hearing or you can elect the ignition...
How long does alcohol show up in urine for probation testing in md?
I got a dwi and have my first alcohol test with my probation officer on 12/11. I am wondering how long after drinking it will detect alcohol in my system. I know when I was going to alcohol classes they tested for 1 week and 1 month. Just wondering what probation tests are like.
It sounds like a condition of probation is that you abstain from alcohol. Therefore, you should not be drinking at all....
I was illegally pulled over, what can I do?
I was driving my friends car with her sitting passenger. The police were next to me and they suddenly pulled me over. When the officer came up to the window he asked for my documents. I gave them to him and asked him why he pulled me over. He stated that the back tag light was out. After running my license I find out my privilege was suspended due to an FTA for a speeding citation for $160. He then asked me to step out the car and asked me if he could "open the box" on the back seat, which happened to be a Air Pellet Rifle. The box had never been opened before. The passenger and owner of the car has a gun charge on her record from years ago. The police were aware of this because they mentioned it. The officer started searching the vehicle. He never opened the rifle box. Nothing illegal was in or found in the vehicle. He issued me citations for driving on a suspended license, failure to display required license, and also one for having the tag light out. He reminded me that was the reason for pulling me over. When they left I checked the tag light and it was NOT broken. He lied. I took a picture of the working tag light. What can I do? All events occurred in Montgomery County, MD.
You should retain an attorney to represent you in connection with the charges. Your attorney can raise the issue that...
I have two years of approval for DUI I have to ask the court for permission to travel utside the countri
I have two years probation for a Dui and I need to leave emergency country for family problems to whom I have to request permission to leave I an US citizen please need help
You need to obtain permission from either your probation officer or the court. If your probation officer will not grant...