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We need a fedaral lawyer , that knows federal law
We went in front for tribal judge that was with a tribal law ferm, that judge had no license to be a judge . We found out that he was fired a few months ago cause the ferm found out he never had a license .We got are kids tookin away from us and other reasons that was not true , we need help with this. We need to know if we can' sew ' that judge and the law ferm . there is more to this case but we need to know if we have a case.
Great look under the tab above here on AVVO find a lawyer.
Can I use a public defender?
I got pulled over for improper lane use and a 4th degree DWI .08 or more motor vehicle. I blew .13. The officer never read me my rights. I was cooperative and did what he asked. My license got revoked for 90 days. What are my options?
You may apply for a public defender should you be indigent or low income. You may secure a private attorney or, at...
How do I fix a nonexistent dui?
11 years ago I got a second dui within 5 years of the first one, and my state thinks I got a third one at the same time I was in court for the second one, and they refuse to fix it.
Your question is somewhat unclear. If you are truely saying there is a conviction on your record for DWI that is 11...
DWI/DUI Minnesota
received a dwi a couple of days ago called in no court date yet they dont have me on their schedule yet...blew a .14 at station and i had my kids in the car....i have to get whiskey plates and licensed revoked for 90 days..... what are my chances of winning anything if i hire a lawyer for $3,000..one quoted me over $10,000.should i just plea....i haven't had a dwi for more than 10 years ...i work and have school and kids i can't stop driving....what should i expect for jail time if any...fines?
You have options for attempting to get a limited license if necessary (when isn't it necessary). You should continue to...
What happens if I get a DUI for a prescription that isn't a controlled substance but contains a controlled substance?
I was recently charged, 2 months ago, with a DUI after I swerved and clipped a curve sign and the vehicle behind me called the police and they pulled me over about 10 miles later. I was on a medication that is not considered a controlled substance but after looking at it further it has an ingredient that is a controlled substance. I was given a blood test after a warrant but have not gotten the results yet so nothing on status of driving either. The blood test could show the controlled substance but it was taken from an RX that isn't under the controlled substance list....which is very confusing. What are the chances of the prosecutor reducing/dropping the charges and options for fighting the license revocation.
More would need to be known about the circumstances of your case, but if you were prescribed the medication by a doctor,...
15 minute observation period included in the 2 hour rule? Minnesota
I was pulled over for a DUI around 1:35am. Taken to the police station for a 2nd test. Officers Observation time is 3:35am. First breath test wasn't conducted til 3:52am. Time stamped on top of paperwork states 3:50am. I'm confused as to his the observation time needs to be included into the 2 hour rule? Also when my license was revoked, the paper read the end drive time was on such and such date at 4:11am. Where does 4:11am come in at?
Based on your post, it would appear that you may have a challenge to the DWI test result. That means you may have a...
Is it possible for all charges to be completely dropped or dismissed considering there was no DWI charge filed against me?
I was asleep on the drive lane of a residential road and in Park when awoken by city cop. I passed a field sobriety test, breathalyzer test, and allowed to my car to leave. But a late arriving deputy whose only assistance was spotting a folded paper in storage area under radio before driving away. he claimed looked like wax paper from his view. It had concentrated THC residue on it, but I felt looked like a receipt. He used it as reason to arrest me for DWI. I also got a gross-misde possess for the residued THC paper, a felony possess due to another folded paper in my pocket with meth residue found from being searched prior put into squad car. it's 4am Saturday morning. I went to jail, got questioned, asked for lawyer, called one, he told me agree to tests, call him when I get out next day, since it's my first DWI. Sat till 6:30am, taken to clinic, got blood drawn, told they got a search warrant from a judge, even though I agreed to test. Taken back to jail, held 2 days, given papers for my charges, no DWI, only drugs, had bail hear, couldn't make bail, sat 2 weeks until ominous. pled state of adjud only to felony poss. Need help ASAP prior my sentencing. UA was clean upon release.
It sounds like you may have resolved this case with some type of plea deal to which you apparently agreed. What do...