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SD resident revoked in IA for DUI. Info put in NDR under old IA DL #. Need SD lawyer who knows SD law and admin rules.
I am SD Resident revoked in IA for DUI 2nd. It was recorded under old IA DL number from 10 yrs ago. My SD license was up for renewal in early 2013. I checked at an SD license station and the revocation is in the National Drivers Registry under the old Iowa license #. If I take steps to get Iowa DOT to correct, will the info be forwarded to South Dakota? If so does South Dakota do anything with it i.e. revoke a resident license. Some states do not have mechanisms in place or simply do not carry out the DLC compact provisions even though they are members. The Iowa revocation is 2 years for test refusal. SD law allows a max one year revocation for test refusal. The DLC requires a state to issue a DL after one year state law permitting. I want to pursue this option if needed to get DL issued.
I'd suggest using avvo to find a couple of qualified DUI attorneys in SD. Most will offer free consultations, and...
What happens when son got pulled over in South Dakota for DUI and had his daughter with him?
My son lives in Washington State. He went on a road trip with his 8 year old daughter to Missouri. ON his way back home, he got stopped in Pennington County South Dakota. They took him to Jail and DFS took his daughter. Will there be a charge on him driving with his child? I am the grandparent and I live in Florida
Likely, yes. Depending upon the circumstances, he could be charged with felony child abuse, or just a misdemeanor one....
Personal ID and or registration of a vehicle with outstanding warrant for DUI?
Will the South Dakota DMV alert law enforcement if one applies for a state ID or either want to register a vehicle with an outstanding warrant for DUI?
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I got my 3rd dui. But I was given a sentence in two states?
I received my 3rd dui 4 years ago in South Dakota where I was living for 3 years but haven't switched my ID. My first 2 dui's were in Minnesota where I had my license. I was given to sentences for this. South Dakota revoked my license for a year and some suspended jail time. Minnesota gave me all sorts of fines 3 years no license and 3 years of the driver inerterlock program. I've done everything but the interlock program. Is there anyway I can not do that. I don't know if it's legal that I got 2 different sentences for one crime.
Since the state of Minnesota issued you a driver's license, their administrative rules apply to your license and you....
If you're granted a suspended imposition on your 1st DUI offense will you still have an arrest record?
Arrested for 1st DUI and curious if you get granted a suspended imposition and complete your probation if you will still have an arrest record that will be visible to potential employers and be visible on the NDR (national drivers registry)
Yes, the arrest record exists. It, along with the disposition of the case, are merely sealed. Sealing is a legal...
Can a dismissed dui arrest be used against me if I am arrested for a 2nd offense?
My first dui was dismissed when I plead guilty to 3 other lessor offenses. Can that be used against me at sentencing for my 2nd offence.
If your first DUI Was dismissed, then you should not be charged with a second offense this time around. It should be...
Can my ex who is on 24/7, 2nd DUI, get custody of my newborn?
I'm so scared he is going to win this custody battle. He is on his second DUI charge Blows 24/7 for a year Has only a work license Kicked me out of the apartment at 30 weeks Has a drug abuse past And also has tried to commit suicide. (Proof of his arm!!! 3 times) He switches girlfriends within weeks of a relationship Also has a child in a different state he has nothing to do with! Refuses to help. Doesn't pay a dime.
Is he the biological father? If so, he may have a claim to legal custody of child. You should contact a local family...