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Dui question about mississippi. .. ffrom example if you are charged with a dui first on Jan 1st and get another on Feb 1st if
You plead guilty to the dui that you received on Feb 1st first then can the state raise the first dui from Jan 1st to a dui 2nd if you was not convicted of the Jan 1st at the time of the arrest?
They can, and usually will, try to enhance the "first in time" DUI charge in situations like the one you describe....
Can someone be incriminated from a police report signed by you while you were drunk?
New Years Eve I had a party that ran into the New Year, I was then interrogated, while I was intoxicated, and asked to sign the report that he made of my drunken statements, in which I turned out to wrongfully accuse one of my friends of bringing alcohol to my party. In my drunken stupor is glassed the paper before I signed it and didn't catch the paper that contained my statement. My buddy is in a bit of a bind right now because what the police wrote in the report that I told him that the MAJORITY of the alcohol was supplied by my buddy, which it was not. Since I was drunk during the interrogation though, does that not deem the report not solid enough evidence?
If you buddy is in legal trouble, he needs a lawyer and you as a witness.
What's the difference between DUI/DWI ? And what does legally eradicated means on a job alp?
That all
Illlinois used to call it Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). They changed it to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) because...
How long does DUI violation stay on my record?
I got this DUI (approx 7 yrs ago) today I am trying to get into the job market and my background check continues to reflect this DUI. I have been dry and sober for 6 years and desperately need to get into the job market. Have my technical degree.
The DUI will remain on your recond until a court removes it from the record or expunges it from the record. Normally...
How can I get convicted of a dui when I blew under the limit...I blew a .07...
I was convicted of a dui..in horn lake ms..in desoto county...I got six months of probation...I also paid twelve hundred dollars on court date...and I also go a ignition lock in my truck along with masep ...VIP..classes and community service..and more money to dish out...
Most states have DUI laws with two parts. The first is called the per se DUI and it means you had an illegal BAC. To...
What happens when i get arrested for DUI while already on probation, in two different counties?
In February of this year, i was arrested for using a fake id on the Mississippi gulf coast (hancock county). i was completely sober but the charge still stood. I was given a year of informal probation. Basically the judge said i didn't have to report to an officer or anything, as long as i didn't get in trouble for a year my probation would be over and my record would be expunged. if not my original sentence would stand. Now, in Oxford MS, where i go to college, on the night of April 30/May 1 i was arrested for a DUI. I bailed myself out for a little under 200 dollars and now i am wondering: 1) what do i do next 2) what will my punishments most likely look like in court 3) how will this affect my probation
fairly simple answer. Hire a good attorney in Mississippi. They can hopefully help you on the new charge and see about...
What can happen in court with it being his first offence
My son was driving a friends car and they got pulled over for a busted tail light my son was not read his rights and as far as I know no testing was done but he was put in the cop car and taken to the police station then was released into my custody the charge they gave him was DUI/drugs- vapors.....they were telling me that he was slightly under the influence.
No miranda is required, unless they are going to use statments he made against him.. Your son needs an attorney now