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I can't get a grasp on what the current law is in TN regarding getting a restricted license. I was convicted of a DUI about 4 1/2 years ago and satisfied all of the requirements for that. Now I'm facing another charge that I'm hoping either gets thrown out, reduced, or at the worst case another 1st offense. With that, if I do get convicted of a 1st offense again can I get a restricted drivers license with a breathalyzer machine on the car? I've read that I can and that I can't. Will the court say okay and the DMV say no? Should I get an attorney to help with this or can I handle on my own?
Call an attorney now. You can use Avvo's find a lawyer search tool to locate highly rated DUI attorneys who practice in...
I was in a motor vehicle and evaded the law. I went to court and the judge lowered it down to a misdemeanor so it wouldn't be a felony charge against me. Will I still have to worry about him sending the report and me getting my license suspended? He didn't mention to me that they would be suspended, but I'm worried.
Many jurisdictions do suspend a persons license for this type of activity. If you had an attorney help you with this...
What is the point of retesting all the samples of the fired analysis? Aren't all the blood samples compromised since his hands were on them. He switched 2 samples, failed to catch it 2 times when he should. That is intentional, not a mistake. Who is to say that other blood samples weren't swapped or tampered with by this guy? Even with retesting how is it known the blood is actually the defendants? Also, wouldn't this fired analysis have to testify at all the trials since he is handled the blood? I'd love to watch him on the stand explaining to a jury why he was fired. Also, if they can't get this guy to testify at trial, can the blood results be admitted? Any thoughts? Thanks.
You bring a quality point that many defense attorney are using in negotiation. As for your DUI, if you have already...
I know that there is a form that the officer is required to get you to sign but in TN is that all they are supposed to do, have you sign it? After the arrest, I had the officer tell me that he had some paperwork for me to sign. He put the implied consent form in front of me and directed me where to sign it. Never told me what it was, never read any questions from the form, or told me what I was agreeing to. Fortunately all of this is on tape. I took the test but feel as though I was coerced into doing so. Doesn't he have some responsibility under law on advisement? Is he required to read the form? Also, how could this impact my blood test results being used?
unfortunately, the officer is not required to read anything to you. you have the affirmative duty to read what you...
I am widowed, live alone & have had 3 failed back surgeries. That would be the reason I couldn't do the toe to toe field sobriety test. Can I fight for my to get my car & license back & what kind of chance do I have.
Since you say you were convicted. I assume you had an attorney, what did he she say? If in general sessions, you need...
On Dec. 9, 2012 I was reaching over to my glove box to get a CD. I went off the road & someone called the local police there & told them I was driving drunk. First of all, I DO NOT DRINK! The cop stopped me & I immediately pulled over. He offered no breath test, but did give me a field sobriety test. I couldn't pass some of it because I have 4 pedical screws in my back & cannot walk without a limp, much less walk toe to toe. He arrested me after about an hour & we sat there & talked & smoked waiting for my sister in law to come get my car. We went to have my blood drawn at the hospital & after the 5th stick the officer made them stop poking me because they were blowing my veins. So, all they have on me is the field test video. It was dropped to a misdemeanor. What are my chances?
Go speak to a competent attorney in person. Your question is lacking necessary information and clarity. There is a...
DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE- UNLAWFUL DRUG PARAPHERNALIA- POSSESSION OF SCH II- First time dui all are Misdemeanor's,and the last one i have no idea where it came from until i checked my charges online a night ago.i got my arraignment tomorrow and want to know what i can expect
If you don't have an attorney, they should assign you one. He or she is the person you need to be speaking with.