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I am currently job hunting and I am worried that even though my DUI was dismissed that it will show up on my record without specifically stating that the charges were dropped. Would it show up differently on separate businesses background checks?
Normally , a reckless driving charge will be substituted for the DUI charge. It is usually not dismissed. It might show...
I have 2 guilty DUI's they revoked my license and put me on probation. I have sense been arrested twice for driving on revoked my court date for both offenses are on the same day. I am also suppose to have a interlock system in my car and I didn't have that both times I was caught driving. What can I expect to happen at my court date ?? Will I do jail time?
It is a mandatory 48 hours in jail if your caught driving on a revoked license as a result of a dui conviction. A...
I don't believe the following details are relevant to my question, but I am being asked to include details, so the following are the additional circumstances to the arrests: Refused test on second, charged with implied consent. Court ordered blood test on third. BAC came back at (.06). Also charged with marijuana possession both times and a toxicology report is pending from the court ordered blood test. Prescribed Adderall for conditions of severe permanent brain injuries which are the result of an accident as a California resident. Marijuana seems to provide relief that I that is not experienced from any other medication, but I do not believe that Tennessee recognizes any medical marijuana law. Thank you for allowing me to ask the question.
In Tennessee, 2nd offense DUI and 3rd offense DUI are class A misdemeanors punishable by up to 11 months 29 days in...
My driving record is clean otherwise and I am a college student. I was hoping there is some type of hardship permit I can get.
In Tennessee, If you are convicted of a DUI you will be required in install an ignition interlock. This device...
Several years ago, a friend was pulled over and found he had a suspended drivers license, he went to court was told to get it fixed and come back. Money was tight, he couldn't afford to get his license back. So he missed the court date when he was supposed to show he had a license. Now he was recently arrested on a domestic violence charhe, that warrant popped up so he was arrested on it as well. And now has court coming up for it. He still does not have his license reinstated because he can't afford to. What will happen at his first court date? He is a single father to two kids, the mother is not around and he is the only person to care for his kids. And to clarify he has not been driving, myself or other friends drive him and his kids where they need to go.
He needs to go to court and clear the warrant, then start working to get the license reinstated.
I am on felony Probation for Fac. agg. Robbery,I spent 2 and a half years in jail, fighting the charges. I was given 6 yrs deferred adj.This is my first time being in trouble.I am having ABSOLUTELY NO luck with jobs what so ever.ever. I've managed to get a job when I first got out(they didn't background off the bat) managed to work 6 months until the background came back.Since then,nothing..I have tried through the probation office seeking employment,Reg jobs,even got hired at Asurion, and had my offer rescinded afterward due to background check.I have documentation of application and denial due to background,and A lot of places said it's the type of charge,others said I would be a liability still being on probation for an felony.I have even tried the slum jobs,good will(said they can't work with my type of charge)McDonald s (district manager said No event though store manager is my Aunt).I have tried construction and they tell me they are all full.Temp services won't take me,nothing.I am unable to help around the house financially whatsoever.I was attending college when I had the money to pay for the classes.I am unable to receive aid due to gpa unsatisfactory(when I first caught my charge,they arrested me at school and pulled me out toward the end of the semester,I was taking 15 hours and received FA for all of my classes,that's how my gpa dropped so far).I have managed to pay for one class while I was working but I was getting payed next to nothing so I had to save just to pay for that one class.Now as I need to pay for at least to more classes to gain satisfactory,I am again in need of money.I am now currently unable to pay my probation fee,however I have been on intense probation for 9 months and have never failed a drug test or any kind of trouble.I am wondering since I can get no help,what are my chances of getting my probation terminated now,as I am unable to proceed with life at any level due to this process.
You have a lot of issues that you have mentioned - all stemming from this. Get a local attorney for a consult. Sit...
The misdemeanor warrants are for VOP in 2 different counties in Fl. I need a state ID to be able to travel to Fl. to fix these warrants.
The DMV doesn't have the power to arrest you. And I have never heard of someone going there and being arrested. The...