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How do I request a late hearing from the nc dmv?
Monitech device registered a fail while moving, required me to pull over, and 5 minutes later I was able to pass and restart the vehicle. The DMV sent me a violation notice with the opportunity to request a hearing over the holidays and I missed it by 1 day. Although I sent in the request, I received a notice that my hearing was denied because the request was not received in time. How do I now get a hearing? And can I drive back and forth to work? I am just weeks from getting free of this device and having my full driving privileges restored but now this letter says my privilege is revoked.
I think had you contacted an attorney the minute you received that letter, you'd be in a much better place now. I know...
I'm on probation in nc. I received a conviction of my first dwi while on probation. Will my sentence be activated?
While on probation I got my first dwi. I'm now facing a violation because I pled guilty to the dwi. I'm worried that my probation will be activated.
Any time you commit a criminal offense while on supervised probation there is a risk that your sentence could be...
Can I transfer my husband's title of vehicle into my name after its been seized by the law for DUI and revoked license get it ba
His truck was at home when the cops came to get it. They said he did a hit and run and have a witness saying they saw him driving they took him to jail and he refused the breathalyzer test. The cops never saw him driving the vehicle
transferring the title to your name will not get the vehicle back at this point...and he would need to transfer the...
I finished my community service, and paid all my fines but didn't finish my treatment will they terminate my probation .
I was convicted for my first dui in 2011, before my conviction I quit drinking,I have been alcohol free for over two years.
You need to finish classes to ever get your Driver's Licence back. If you were on supervised probation the officer...
MCDOWELL COUNTY Alcohol Assessing Agencies and/or ADETS Education Organizations
Crossroads Recovery Center440 East Court StreetMarion, NC 28752County: McdowellContact: William PotterPhone: 828-659-8626, Fax: 828-659-6383E-mail ADETS Provider Services Include: Assessments, ADETS, Short Longer Term Outpatient Services in Spanish include: Assessments, Short ...
Dui charges
An officer pulled me over and I did the field sobriety test.I failed it and it was raining heavly.he pulled me over at 11:30pm,the same day I was drinking till to 6pm,slept only 4hrs.I refused the chemical test and I asked for the blood test. It was my first time being arrest,if the blood test comes positive,is it anyway my case can be dismissed because I was drinking in the afternoon,slept 4hrs only and my first arrest?
No, the case will be all or nothing. Way to much to discuss to handle in this board.
What is statue of limitation for dui in NC
I got a Dui in 2004 and DA has never carried it to court
No such charge as"DUI" in NC. Here it's Driving While Impaired. No statute of limitation on DWI charges in NC. If you...