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Can I transfer my husband's title of vehicle into my name after its been seized by the law for DUI and revoked license get it ba
His truck was at home when the cops came to get it. They said he did a hit and run and have a witness saying they saw him driving they took him to jail and he refused the breathalyzer test. The cops never saw him driving the vehicle
transferring the title to your name will not get the vehicle back at this point...and he would need to transfer the...
I finished my community service, and paid all my fines but didn't finish my treatment will they terminate my probation .
I was convicted for my first dui in 2011, before my conviction I quit drinking,I have been alcohol free for over two years.
You need to finish classes to ever get your Driver's Licence back. If you were on supervised probation the officer...
My DUI was dismissed; can the DA re-file charges in the future?
In July of 2013 I rear-ended a car at a stoplight and was charged with failure to reduce speed and a DUI (this is in North Carolina.) After two years of this being continued by the state, due to cops not showing up and blood results not being back yet, the DA dismissed the DUI and I pled guilty to the accident. I started thinking though; when my blood results do finally come back from could the DA re-file the charge? Also, how would I go about getting the charge expunged from my record? Would I need to hire a lawyer again?
In NC, it's a DWI. Get a lawyer to check to see if your case was voluntarily dismissed "with leave" or not. If...
Best attorney in Charlotte to represent me in my DUI charge
Charged with Dui and Restriction . Was stopped at a traffic stop. Previous record DUI 7 years ago.
The best attorney is the one you feel most comfortable with. Most of us offer free consultations.
Need some knowledge of DWI assessments and dwlr assessments in NC?
In NC when you get a dwi you are required to take an assessment and then the number of classes determined by the assessor. As of 2008 they also require you to take an assessment if you get a dwlr and your revocation had been due to a dwi. I had a dwi I was convicted of in 2012 and later got two dwlr conviictions. The dwi was in Brunswick county and the two dwlr were in New Hanover county. So my questions are will I have to take a seperate assessment and set of classes for each charge or can the three be consolidated? and also, can these assessments and classes be taken anywhere in NC regardless of the county of conviction?
How much time separated the two DWIR convictions in New Hanover county? Were they consolidated or handles separately?...
I was arrested for a DUI a week back
I was arrested for a DUI last week and my court date is pending.I am an IT consultant and have a job already but i was also applying for new jobs and i as i am on Work permit so i filled up their paperwork 2 weeks back marking "I don't have any arrests" as i did not.Now i am worried that arrest will come up after the background check and i will be honest when filling the background application form. Can this hamper my chances of getting this job?
All you can do is be as honest as you can. If you were not arrested at the time you filled out the application, you...
How long would I have to wait to get a a DWI expunged that I received in North Carolina?
Received a Level 5 DWI-misdemeanor, with 24hrs community service and 12 month limited driving privilege. I current reside in Virginia. If there is a length of time do i have to abide by NC regulations? What can I do expedite this process? What would be a rough estimate of getting this type of issue resolved.
since you were convicted of a dui, as opposed to having been found not guilty or having the charge dismissed, the...